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usA Non-Domestic

The earth belongs to God and we  are merely His tenants. God granted us dominion over the earth. He did not grant dominion to the bankers, lawyers and corporations. He gave the earth to all of the people not just to the financial elite.

God also granted each of us a limited time and given us talents and expects us to make the world a better place with these gifts. To those to whom much is given, much is expected.

If we were all born equal in the sight of God, why are some individuals born with so much and others with so little?

If every man, woman and child in the United States was given 2 acres of land, there would be nearly over 1,500,000,000 acres that could be rented out to the highest bidders. Many trillions of dollars could be generated that could be shared equally among the people.

Currently the government of the United States is in control of nearly 900 million acres. If each person in the United States claimed their share, each of us would be entitled to around 3 acres.

Justice and Equality cannot exist in a land where the people are divided into; those who have and those who have not.

I certainly don't have all of the answers, but in order to create a land of liberty where everyone is treated equally under the law we need realize that our current system of government is broken.


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The federal government is supposed to by law give that land back to the states. Why haven't they and why are the states not taking the federal government to court on behalf of the people of the state.look at nevada, the federal government owns at a minimum of 90 percent of nevada. Why ?

Nevada is about 75% waste land, and that is where the Federal Government at one time tested the nuclear weapons it had developed, so given that the land isn't really prime real estate, what else is it good for other then Gambling, Prostitution, and Nuclear weapons testing. It's not like Nevada had a booming dairy industry.  Cattle farming isn't going to get a farmer very interested unless your Clive Bundy that is. The question is just how many heads of cattle did my Mr. Bundy raise? What's the annual rain fall in Nevada by the way? I, for one, have no use for said land, can't farm it, the silver in the Comstock mine is gone, so what else can one do with said land other then build casino's on it, or houses of protitution on it, I'm not going to argue that the land should go fallow for those purposes, in fact that's about all it's good for.

Land or no land, without State Militias, the only future your children have is enslavement. If there are any real men left in neo-pagan America, then join Project Freedom USA (dot org) and find out more about the plan to revitalize the 50 State Militias and remove the traitors in Congress and take back the land -- and the Constitution. Use the website's "Contact" form to ask for me by name. Be sure to leave your email and ph# so I can communicate with you offline.

If all money and property were to be divided equally to each individual adult, unless we immediately do much greater good and much less evil [harm] all across the world, within 6 months to a year, money and property would be back in the same hands that hold it now. Jesus taught us to love even our enemies, overcome evil [harm] with good. Using force to control evil [harm] will not work. All that is truly good has eternal value. All that is not truly good has no eternal value. If we freely decide to do the greatest possible good with each step we take, all known and unknown good influences will strongly support us. All that is not truly good will fade away faster. We are about to enter the next stage of development on earth---the era of life and light. All we need is much more love and doing good to usher it in.

In monetary societies there's no such thing as invasion of privacy because everything belongs to the state through capitalism into socialism (reliance on a boss, a corporation, incorporation right into the control of gov't, and a dictator or the boss) the whole system is about self service, eventually into "the one" and servitude for all others ...golden calf "religion".

The federal government has no intentions of ever giving back any land to the states.  If the states want to reclaim the land, then they are going to have to fight for it.  And, Constitutionally, the federal government is only permitted 10 square miles of land to conduct their business, No more but they ignore this as well as many other laws that are supposed to be protected by our Constitution.

The federal government has Not represented We, The People for decades and is going to get continually worse as time passes.  Our country is Not and has not been sovereign for so long that people won't even take the time to even consider this fact.  Too many have grown used to this fact and therefore, think nothing of it.

Our country has grown lazy and worse, cowardly, when it comes to our Constitutional Rights and therefore, All of us will have to suffer due to this problem.   

Our country is in shambles and both parties in DC are responsible for this as well as our citizens who will do Nothing, get involved in anything.  They won't even vent their frustrations to their states U.S. Senators or even their State legislators for that matter.

And, Yes, I have been hammering them, for nearly 7 years now and I am surprised that I haven't been arrested yet for harassing them on a regular basis.

I have gone out on a limb more times than I care to admit and for example, I called our state's senators "Do Nothing Cowards", those exact words and on more than one occasion.  But, it won't make any difference to them what we think, feel or want from them, they continue to ignore us, our country's needs and proceed, as usual, to fill their own personal agendas as Career politicians. 

Article V needs to commence immediately and those people who organize this act are also Do Nothing, as I hate to say it, they won't even answer any of my questions.  They have completely ignored everything I have ever communicated to them which tells me they are full of Hot air.  Just like so many others who profess to be for our country.

And, what's worse, we have running rampant in our country the Fear Mongers.  They are constantly attempting to stir up fear and paranoia for whatever purpose they think they have.

We can talk about what needs to be done until Hell freezes over but until enough people get with the program Nothing is ever going to get better for anyone.  Talk is Cheap and No one is willing to walk the walk.

Angry?  Yes, I am extremely angry at our entire Nation of people for their lack of concern for our country's future.  I love our country, our Constitution and have been telling others everywhere I go about the condition we are in.  Arguments are something I have grown extremely used to due to disbelief of those who are or have been brain washed by the Traitor in Chief sitting in the White House.  Or, should we rename it to something like the "Trash House" or maybe the "Black House"  Even the "House of Muslims" would better fit what it is supposed to be.

Now, if you folks want to go off on me, that is fine with me as at least I will know that I stirred some emotions in some.  Enough talk, which has been going on ever since Obama started his first term.  I have yet to see anything change in our states except for firearms sales which Obama happens to be the best firearms salesman I have ever seen to date.

As for me and my wife, we head to the range every weekend without fail to sharpen our shooting skills.  Who knows, with everything that is happening in our country, it just might come to be among the best activities we have engaged in for years.

And, one other final thought before I leave here tonight is that during a Congressional question and answer session that I watched one day, those senators were expressing their sincere concerns that Americans will engage in another Armed American Revolution due to the reason that Congress and the federal government has failed our people.  Their final thoughts of that session that day were that if they didn't obey the laws they passed, how can they expect us, our people, to.  None of them had any answers at that time and their expressions were grim.  Does this throw up any red flags?  It did in my mind.

Well stated Sir, I too, know your frustrations, and yes, our senators should be afraid. We are tired of being decieved, and they know this, or they wouldn't be talking about it on T.V. As far as it goes, they ought to dig a hole and drag it on top of themselves. They seem to  have forgotten to fund the spaceship they need to get away from us, and we are waking up...


Oh, then perhaps you won't mind some of Obama's socialist crap instead...or would that be some of his communist crap, or some of his facist crap. But what does it matter, according to Hillary is it just plain old crap, out of her in any case. I doubt that you could eek out an existence on 2 acre's, so this is one of the reasons that people farm, build forestry industries, or mining or mineral wealth industries, and build factories to manufacture goods that others work to buy for them selves. I think most people in this country DON'T want to go back to the mule and plow and sod houses the pioneers made do with in more primative times here in what eventually became the society we live in today. So unless your willing to go back to the stone age and throw out your car and computer and internet access and your cable access, you might want to reconsider what your options are before you start to dig your shovel ready sod house... or is it I guess you prefer plain communist crap after all....

It's not that, I just said most people are caught in a rut.  They are clueless sheeple and they need leaders.  We, the individuals who care, are not usually happy with the politics as usual, and you don't see the enormous protests here in US, like in Europe or Asia, or Russia, ETC.  I am not in agreement with dividing up the land equally, and I am not against free enterprise. Communism in definitely not for me.  I believe you got the wrong impression.  I wish there were more honest leaders who would care for the land and the people with less intrusion in our private lives.  My goal is freedom, peace and happiness on my land.

This article is so right! We don't have a gov't, what we have is a man made creation constantly attempting to govern us, our property, the land and even earth! What we have is some "thing" constantly attempting to take place of God! What we have is what we've made, an artificial god (nearly all countries are setup that way).

I know it's a metaphor for equality, but it will never work.  The sheeple need leaders, and most of the Land is undesirable.  Most people don't have the skills to take care of the land.  They are consumers.  They are all caught in a vicious cycle, Just Over Broke. JOB. Go to work, pay the taxes right off the top of the paycheck, buy gas to get to work, by groceries to make lunches for work, do the laundry that you got dirty at work, pay the utilities, cell phone, and misc bills that you bought on credit because you didn't have enough money until you can get back to work to get your check, which isn't enough to pay for everything, because we are over taxed, over charged, overworked, and overpaid, according to your boss. That is not including all the other drama in our lives with the haters and the liberal cronie crooks in DC that have no clue what it is like to try to have liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Especially when all that comes out of their mouths is blatant lies, deceiving the clueless masses.  The Sheeple still follow.


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