There is small group of individuals that have a net worth in excess of a billion dollars. They are essentially the owners of the planet and control all of the natural resource including all of the people. They also control the governments of virtually every nation on earth.

They are much wealthier than Kings and Queens and wield significantly more power. Instead of using an army to control their subjects they enslave us with debt.

In order to secure their positions of power and prestige, they have decided that it is necessary for them to reduce the population of the earth by four or five billion people.

In order to save the planet they have several strategies. They financially support organizations such as Planned Parenthood whose goal is to exterminate useless babies before they are born.

They will also reduce the population as a result or wars and epidemics.

They will poison us with Chem trails, Fluoride, GMO's,Vaccinations and prescription medications.

To educate yourself on the principles of liberty and individual responsibility go to the Liberty Tree University

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I think our biggest threat is from their nanotechnology most probably being spread by chemtrails..

They are using ash and ash is highly, very highly full of bacteria of the worst kind; combine that with at least 21 chemicals that they mix at will for the trails..ash = the black chemtrails which they deliver in WY  almost 24/7..then there is a gas, I have it in notes somewhere for the book; fosphine but the spelling is not quite right they have added nano pieces of glass similar to what is in insulation.I have written and written to the Administration to take these killer things out of the skies..not one word toward that ....the UN and the USAF is behind this as the USAF developed the program in 1992 according to notes for the book...then an adjuster for the US Ag department started sky watching just a bit before I did..she noted less production, quality of products going down, etc.  These and ethanol causes neuro and respiratory problems and they are meant to Kill....go one step further and add vaccines of any and all that are being put out today..get yourself some Nano Silver and get on it..fight this..takes deep breathing exercises and I wear a mask when I am out in the elements when they are in the skies.


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