Who were the Worst President and Why?

Share with us the who you think were the five worst.

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Barrack Obamma

Abraham Lincoln. He gave us the federal government we have today. 

Woodrow Wilson, He gave us the League of Nations which is the predecessor to the United Nations we have today..  He also brought the income tax &, the undermining of our gold standard.  My next worse President in history choice is Delanor Roosevelt, who sided with the central bankers takeover of America financially. 

There many undesirable corrupt American Presidents through out our history that should have been hung on the U.S Capital steps for treason of the American people.

Yes, this is true, but it started under Abraham Lincoln. The first appointed,not truly elected, president. He began it all. He destroyed state sovereignty when he broke the back of the states. When he won the War between the states it began the down slide. All presidents after him have done nothing but completed their part of the stairwell taking us down to where we are and still going. Trump is just one more cog in the wheel. He continues to exponentially increase our debt. He has not moved on the Federal Reserve. he has not brought any of our troops home. He has not ended any of our foreign entanglements. he has not stopped the illegal immigration problem. He has done small things to appease the people who elected him. The congress continues to be bought and paid for by their masters. The military continues their reign as the enforcement wing of the tyranists who still maintain the corporate power in DC. I believe nothing short of full scale revolution and a true new start following the Constitution will give us back our sovereignty.


If it were not for Lincoln we would never  have had Woodrow Wilson.. We would not have been one nation under God. We would have been multiple nations in an alliance for defensive purposes as was intended. Thus we would never have entered WW1 or any of the wars we got embroiled into trying to strengthen our imperial <empirical, power. This was all put in place because of Lincoln. Lincoln destroyed the sovereign states power and made the federal government supreme. He allowed the army to become a permanent standing army controlled by the federal government instead of being controlled by their selective sovereign states. He allowed military rule over the conquered southern states. He created the alliance between the politicians and the military authority. The purchase of the Louisiana territory began our empire. Lincoln made it a permanent goal and drive. From conquering the southern states to warring with spain to gain territories that we still hold. to forcing other countries to have our military bases in their lands. We have invaded countries repeatedly to force our beliefs and our currency onto them. All from decisions of Lincoln.



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