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For everyone perhaps wondering how to post articles on the Constitution Club, following is a step by step description of the fastest way to get it done;

1. Click on the "Forums and Folders" tab - Do a search for your topic and see if you have already written a good article and covered the information you want to send out. If so, re-post THAT article and you're done. If not and you determine that you need a new article;
2. Go to the folder where your topic is located, for instance "Gun Control" or "Representation", etc.
3. Write your article. (Remember to save your fancy metaphor titles for the top of the body, NOT the "Title" box.)
In the title box, it is best to AGAIN to repeat the topic, followed by a dash then a sub title; for instance, "Gun Control - H.R. 5087, 115th Congress". This tells the viewer exactly what your article is about AND where it is likely to be found. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Try to include links in your article when possible, as they are a great way to bring more validity and information to the reader.
4. When finished writing the article, proof-read your article for mistakes in;
       A) Sentence and Paragraph structure and flow.
       B) Grammar and Spelling errors, typos, etc.
       C) Check your "facts".
5. Check the URL - make sure it matches the "Title" box.
6. TAG your article. This is important! Use catch phrases you think people will be using to search for your article. Often just repeating the title box or a portion of it, is a good place to start looking for ideas on what tags to use.
7. Save your article and your done!
Good Luck with writing on your topic!

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