Send a letter for three cents to:

Keith Broaders

1000 South Gilbert Street Apartment 54

Hemet, California

usA Non-Domestic

DO NOT use the abbreviation of California, (CA) or the two letter abbreviation for your state in the mailing address and I will send you a free copy of the Constitution. DO NOT use any ZIP CODES, they are optional.

Or send me an email at with your name street address, city and state and I will send you a letter for 3 cents.

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I have sent mail using 3 cent stamps for quite a few years. I even sent letters to a friend in federal prison over a period of 12 years. He always got my mail. At first I got a few back with "insufficient postage" stamped on them. I just crossed that out and wrote next to it "Non-domestic mail rate 3 cents" and put it back in the mail. I no longer get any of them back.

Here is an example of how I address an envelope:

John David Smith

c/o 212 West Morgan Street

Non-domestic, without the U.S.

Next to the 3 cent stamp I write "non-domestic mail rate 3 cents" You can leave the zip code off if you prefer as there is no requirement to use one, however, 9998 extension is external to the U.S. As long as the zip code is in parenthesis, under the four corners doctrine, it has no legal significance on the document [envelope] and is only seen as informational.

Every time I tried to correct the layout it comes through screwed up.


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