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Lawyers are professional wordsmiths and those hired by the Federal government by the Wall Street bankers and Corporations.It is their job to convince Congress that the Constitution was written to create a government with the power to do whatever Congress believed was necessary and proper.

The Constitution says what it says and means what it meant on the day in was written. Like a contract, it can only be changed through the amendment process.

Today, the Constitution is amended  when Congress passes a low that violates the Constitution, when the President refuses to veto it and when the Supreme Court  they pass laws that are unconstitutional, or when the President issues decisions that have the force of law.

The job assigned to a Congressional lawyer is to interpret the Constitution in a way that will allow the bankers to control the people and confiscate spend their money as fast as possible.

The Constitution was written to protect the lives, liberty and property of the people, not regulate their lives and to take from some to give to others.


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Up until a few seconds ago, I didn't think there could be something I'd less like to watch than a prostitute perform. 

Just like in the days of Saul. The people wanted a King, so they have King Obama. Many people voted like they were texting the next American Idol. Sheriff Mack always looked like a Rhinestone cowboy to me and I have learned not to trust anyone but to observe their actions and their words.

People will betray themselves evidently and expose their true nature.  I make people prove their value and integrity before I ever put trust in them. It keeps away all that disappointment in the end. As far as any groups I've joined on the internet. I don't trust any of them but they do provide a good place to express ideas and opinions with fellow Americans and there are a surprisingly great number of them out there who understand the truth of the hour we are in.

The problem is only the ones who are well funded get the attention and usually you have to sell out to the NWO to get a platform. So, my advice is don't trust anyone in the Media, especially the Mainstream media. Seek out your own questions and research them.

Don't take anyone's word for anything. Make up your own minds after an educated study of the issues. In other words, "Think" for yourself.



It more seemed to me that people were voting more for Homecoming Queen than the next American Idol.

I think this quote is from Proverbs: "There is wisdom in many counselors."

Money is not the root of all evil, but greed is.

these super elite corporations have moved their headquarters out of the US .And that is greed.

The Corporations pay little if any taxes. the moves are to place cheaper pay for those jobs in other countries. Look around you the Corporations control the money as well as the narrative in this country. they are bought and payed for by our money. The Taxes leveled against you are given to the IMF, from whence the supposed loaning of money extends from.

the Fed makes the money (Fiat curremcy) sells it to the treasury at 6 to 10 % tax and you pay it in your taxes. TThe QE3 and 4 was making 85 billion dollars per month at around 6% interest sold to the treasury and it was used to help the beleaguered banking industry who lends money to unsecured loans around the world and gets caught with the loss as the originators who manage these banks get the profit leaving you and i with the bill.

you want to know about greed i have 50 gb of it on my computer, and it is Corporation installed. Now there are smaller Corporations who are trying to make a difference but the IRS uses its power to rob any promise of decent jobs as they regulate the tax structure. and last but not least 86 million working adults now support 146 million people on welfare.  Ok want to debate lets debate it.

Now in town news a mayor is selected by the city council without  voting the council selects the person. I tried to read thm the law and was thrown the Sheriff was called on me. Sheriff Giddins wouldnt arrest me. So i by myself am going to citisens in the town of 216 people eleciting signatures  on an explanation of why we pay 100 dollars a month on water  sewage and trash. 

today we get a hand bill stating that there is Ecoli i our water.  In a holding tank which they have recieved funds to put a roof on but have yet to start it. thats is civic duty my friends a person or group taking control of inadequate representation  by your servants

Lets see the mayor was put in by the Council not elected.   the other we nee 51% signatures of the people now we can create a referendum . i  have also told them that we have the right to recall them at any time.

And i left this with those people i consider leaders within the town of Stites  that the books need to be opened as to what happening. My other experience was in Quartzsite Arizona where a Mayor friend of mine was fired by the city council  and we had to get him re-installed. 

Town side politics aren't they beautiful?

h,mmm you need help. what was done in Quartzsite could help other communities.

Greed is a black ghetto rat that brags about making 10 grand a week, yet has to kill someone to steal his new tennis shoes and doesn't pay any income tax.  Greed is a welfare mother who lists 3 of her children on her tax return to get the earned income credit and additional child tax credit, about 8,000, while she is getting thousands every month for the children,medical, food stamps, subsidized housing, etc. etc. ; then loans 3 more of her children to an older nephew, who can do the same.

we have  a posse here no police and one sheriffs deputy

nah you can do more   make hard copieso f the problems the current laws  and the rights of the people youl find in numbers you have more  rights than flaws


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