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Snakes are cold blooded animals that don't have a backbone. They speak with a forked tongue and they have no balls. They share many of the same characteristics as politicians.

They are masters of deception and lawyers tend to make perfect politicians since they have been trained to lie, cheat and steal.

With liberty comes the responsibility to use the brain that God gave us to draw our own conclusions. When we trust the judgment of others we become their subjects.

Those that seek to control us, first attempt gain our confidence so that we will allow them to do our thinking for us.

They tell us  what we want to hear and in the process they bait their hook to get us to swallowing their words hook, line and sinker.

In order to be free, we must learn the correct principles so that we can distinguish fact from fiction.

Trusting a self proclaimed called Patriot that is paid thousands of dollars for making a public appearances is like hiring a prostitute.

The true patriots are not paid performers that simply masquerade as patriots while they line their pockets with our hard earned money.

We have been told that the love of money is the root of all evil and unfortunately  many of our spokesmen we have put on pedestals are taking advantage of the people by cashing in on their generosity. Just like prostitutes they are paid to perform.

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eThanks, Andee. You are right about fluoride. It is a poison. It is meant to do a soft kill on the populace over an extended period of time, to eliminate us so we are not around when we are old and our money can be taken by the Elite. If anyone thinks I am crazy google Agenda 21 and read it. Then look up Georgia Guidestones and then look up "The Creature from Jekyll Island.", GA where they drew up the whole plan for the Federal Reserve designed to steal our wealth over a period of time and then blame it on Wall Street and then create a war to take every ones mind off the financial collapse. We have been manipulated and deceived since our Government has been infiltrated by these World Elite.  BTW: The GA Guidestones have carved in stone monuments the whole Agenda 21 goals in eight languages including Egyptian hyrographics, Hindu. Babylionan. It is a Satanic altar to the NWO. We are in the final stages where they mean to overcome us and eliminate us so they can bring about a one world government and currency. They believe they are so far into it they do not need America much longer and have already sold us out to China. How is that for a bucket of Truth?

right on Dan religion is mans interpretation of God, becareful of the wolf at the door, or of the priest who preaches the beginning of Romans 13 but whos talk ends at that verse.

The Government, the Vatican, The Royalty, the Elite Politicians are some of the worst sex traffic slavers and pedophiles. We are dealing with such a power of evil it can only be called the Devil and the followers of the NWO are evil and Satanic. That is why it is impossible to defeat them without Christ. The battle belongs to the Lord. That is why we can defeat them if we stand in the name of the Lord. These evil sex addicts and worse are running the world and that is why they are turning all perverse people free to let it all hang out if you know what I mean. That is why we need to say. Not in my house, not in my neighborhoods, not in my community, not in my town, not in my city, not in my state, not in my country! Denounce them. And expose their plans. Agenda 21.

Rhonda you took the words right out of my mouth.

So very true!  They (politicians and lawyers) will destroy you and take all of your money if given the chance.  they are college trained con artists.  Get into politics and become POWERFUL AND WEALTHY.

No one listen or do they understand. We that are God People can do nothing in our own ability to change anything in this corrupt Government. Our only hope we have is that we get the Masters(Father, Savor, Holy Spirit) to performed their Divide Justice on the evil in our nation. Ps 103: 6, Rom 2:2, Col 4:1,Rom 8:5-8, Rom 10:17,             



Joseph, you are right. Who can fight against the Beast? But no weapon forged by man can hurt a man of God. A thousand may fall by my side. The only way to survive what is coming on America is to stand in the power of the Lord. Get your spiritual life together first and arm yourself with the armor of God in Eph. 6. Then stand your ground.

oh but you are so wrong . Where you live is a testimony to your works being they good,  bad or non-existent. Also God helps those who help themselves.  In the beginning  there was the constitutional posse's site. it was meant to bring the people and law enforcement together. the CSPOA  site began  its purpose to help Sheriffs and LEOs in their quest to remain or become constitutional by nature. But today once more Law enforcement and the people remain on a different footing, at a different level.

The response of this Government is to keep separated the people from their protectors by enforced ignorance. You see it in the police brutality which en golfs this nation.

I say to you  that there is only one person you can truly depend on and that is yourself.

Many in here mention God Well as i said God awaits our decisions and through prayer he listens but the Republic has fallen and he needs for us to come together in his name so that this fall will not be as catastrophic.

The great experiment is almost dead people, you are the answer civic duty to yourself and your family is the way. Salvation and judgement is withheld until we know who we are.

myself i go to my council meetings and commissioners and to the Sheriff. I leave no stone un-turned in my pursuit to help those who  are ignorant of what is hppening both in term of foods , chemicals, (GMO related) Flourides in the water uncovered water systems like here which now contain E-Coli ( a fecal matter) from water supplies being open to the elements to whichnow supplies are being given by area   building suppliers and a group of people willing to donate time to construct the cover.

God watches our decisions as well as our progression in every thing we do. He listens to our prayers and as in Mathew he gives each of us wisdom when we ask if we upbraideth not. Truly invoking Gods name then asking God for wisdom is sometimes a world apart.

In the past i have advised militia sites.  But as i studied the purpose of this Republic,  6 years ago i made a determination that  I would start on getting people and sheriffs together. Keith had the similar idea then we talked and i  know his decision to bring together and mine was to make up a paper sending it to sheriffs to seek out their knowledge of the Constitution. Keith had the same idea. so he embarked on his trail and i on mine.he began the Constitutional posse site and i joined.

But people weren't as responsive as i would have hoped so went back to my studies while Keith braved the elements to continue on. He and Sheriff mack whom i knew well got together. They had pie in the sky ideas. both wanted their  Republic > intervention by FBI co-intel pro made their playing field almost impossible. today Mack looks at the monetary aspects but Keith true to form wants his Republic back\.

Me? im  looking for answers not more questions. . I moved to my home where i was born> small> few people and i with a load of information which at first sent people scampering for door ways and i recieving dark questioning long looks as to what Planet i came from.

time  though will heal most wounds, the encroachment  of the Federal ideal and narrative  causing people to think of this even in small communities.  but unlike large cities Ideas once set into motion seem to grow faster. common sense, personal freedoms the site of loss now people see. Jobs gone > Globalists using information to destroy our culture now this monster out in the open; people now (those with eyes)  have to see what is going on. Makes my job much easier.

we re  really at the crossroads  And keith,  after all the pressure to stop him continues on.   Well Any way i'll go back to my studies and ill make my morning call to Sheriff Giddins. I have to get  a roof on that city water tank I hate drinking water with E-coli in it..

Thank Rhonda: Masters make it so easy for God People to repent and turn back to Him. If my People who

are called by name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicket ways

then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land(2 Chr. 7:14).    

Near the beginning somebody had everything and little to do, so they found a way to spoil it nearly everyone has nothing and too much to do and we're still trying to fix that.
A forked tongue is not necessarily a bad thing in a bad world, e.g. "collision specialist" can mean making body repairs or body damages and both can be for a good purpose, but money always is for a bad purpose because it's a non and never-living thing, yet artificially "animated" by and/or for the mind object that's always used for living purposes... it's a contaminant for the mind and in increasingly melted forms it’s less detectable… even most genuinely necessary donations are a necessary evil, they are attempts at betterment within a damaged by money society.
As soon as We The People take our country back, this (money) issue must take the foremost top priority. The bankers replaced the current of life with the currency of decay before the ink dried on The Articles of Confederation start the process of sickness elimination, We The People must stop, abolish and forever eliminate the use of all artifacts (objects, especially glittering ones) as a current(cy) for life, and replace it with natural form(s) of compensation. This may very likely be our last chance… not accomplishing this mission is condemning our children to a life of ungodly ends on earth ...when anyone of us faces our Maker none of us wants to be judged in part and parcel for taking part in that kind of treatment of God’s gift to all ...and for all we know the book is still not fully closed on even our dearest fore fathers and mothers! ...these days even indigenous people in the most remote places want little to do with "progress", they surely feel, smell and see the division and hate that accompanies it.

Gold value rises when paper money value is expected to plummet, then soon after it does the gov't makes gold illegal to own and if you're lucky they'll buy it at rock bottom prices (about $300 an ounce in today's dollar) ...not much different than land and BLM monetary societies all property including ourselves eventually belong to the gov't!


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