Your Dog Needs a License

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But Your Congressman Doesn't

Your dog needs a license and so does your doctor, dentist and lawyer. Stockbrokers, insurance agents, accountants and teachers are all required to take tests to prove they are qualified to do their job, but we don;t  require our Congressional representatives to prove their worthiness to serve. How can we expect them to honor their oath to preserve,  protect and defend a Constitution that they haven't read and don't understand?

Anyone who takes an oath of honor the Constitution should also be required to pass a test on their knowledge on the Constitution and the principles of liberty.

Every candidate for public office should be required to take a test on their Constitution knowledge and their score should be published for all to see.  You wouldn't allow a drunk man to drive your car, so why so we keep electing morally bankrupt politicians who are determined to drive our country in to a ditch?

Please click on the following link to donate to the Constitution Club

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Question: who would administer the test? Politicians? YIPES!


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