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All of this Jew bashing is based on a faulty premise, that The Balfore Resolution, that established Israel, after WWII, displaced another country. That is a patently false, as there was never a nation, by the name of Palestine. The name Palestine was a geographical designation, of a desolate area, like the Sahara, often crossed by nomadic tribes. It was never a bordered nation, more like a designation, such as, The Pacific. The Jewish King David rebuilt the Temple, in Jerusalem, formerly built by Jewish King Solomon.  This false narrative distorts history and anyone that pushes such a wishful narrative is not only dishonest, but is anti-Jewish. Videos, like this are nothing but propaganda.

I am totally opposed to the Federal Reserve (Fraudulent Reserve) the private corp. of international bankers, based out of the Bank of London. Is the Rothschilds banking family involved, Duhh! They have been money changers and grown unimaginably wealthy by financing both sides of wars, since biblical times. My judgement of how despicable they are, by feeding their greed and need for power, with schemes of currency manipulation on a global scale, does not carry over to blaming all Jews, every where. Returning the land, improved and brought to bloom, in the desert, by the Israeli people, to refugees from Syria, Lebannon, Egypt, etc. would be tantamount to returning Texas to Mexico, or the U.S. to the native tribes. Get friggin' real and attack the problems that confront us, like The Fed.


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