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Illegal Immigration

3 Dec 14, 2018
Illegal Immigration
by Online Professor

Favorite Quotations

8 May 15
George Washington Quotes
by Online Professor

Money and Banking

Federal Reserve

9 Apr 15
The Invention of Money
by Online Professor

The American Indian and the Doctrine of Discovery

13 Dec 10, 2017
The Plight of the Indigenious People
by Online Professor

Outpost of Freedom

Gary Hunt and The Outpost of Freedom Website

91 Jan 12, 2018
Reply by Gary Hunt

Taxes and The IRS

Including Social Security and The National Debt.

112 Jun 24
Reply by Morton IX

Voices of Liberty, Reason and The Law

Videos on the Philosophy of Freedom, The Law, Political Parties and The Constitution.

325 Jun 17
by Online Professor

Alternate Sources of Learning

228 Jan 28
New Website to Educate America
by Online Professor

Freedom Interactive T.V.

1 Jun 16
Reply by Morton IX

The Courts, Police and Unjust Laws

Including Scotus, case law and Dredd Scott.

171 Aug 30, 2018
Reply by Rhode Island Jim

Being Black or Brown in America

Despotism and Slavery Issues, Plus!

54 Dec 13, 2018
Reply by Lynn Despain

The Clinton Files

25 Jun 13
The Clintons Idea of Charity
by Morton IX

Elections, Voters and Party Politics

Voter Fraud, Registered Voter numbers and the census

54 Dec 20, 2017
What is a Democrat?
by Online Professor

State & County Groups & Invitations to Join CC

Including Recruiting and Invitations

112 Dec 15, 2017
Reply by Joe brown

Article V, Convention of States info

Convention of States, Secession, etc.

62 Jan 21, 2018
Reply by Lynn Despain

Health and Wellness

Including Vaccines, Natural Cures and Holistic Health.

80 May 7
Just A Spoonful of Sugar
by Morton IX

Member's Forums

Offerings from our Members

871 yesterday
Reply by Rhode Island Jim

Whistle Blowers

6 Apr 7
Foreclosure: Qui Tam, call to action
by lis

Conspiracy Theories, Plots, Secrets, Mysteries and False Flags

Myths, Lies, Government Cover-Ups, Fraud and Hidden Truths.

316 Jun 12
The Theft of the Hawaiian Islands
by Online Professor

Marketing, Investments and Charitable Funding Promotions

Karatbars, Bitcoin, Illgamo and Barter and Trade promotions and ideas.

488 Jul 12
How to End the Fed - Organic Currency
by Online Professor


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