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Donald Trump has struck a major nerve in America: it’s time to take our republic back. AmericaAgain! is a perpetual charitable trust and membership organization to recruit, train, support, and organize the responsible remnant to enforce the U.S. Constitution. Over eight years and 28,000 hours of research and development, two engineers, a former U.S. Secret Service agent, a Fortune 500 tech manager, a former helicopter instructor, and 22 other volunteers have developed AmericaAgain!, the only full-spectrum plan to end Washington DC organized crime. Click on any section below to learn more about the various aspects of the new way of life called AmericaAgain!

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The AmericaAgain! Mission

Washington DC is the most ruthless, powerful city-state on earth. Our servants are worse than criminal; Washington DC is criminogenic…our lawless federal servants teach our state, county and city servants to be equally corrupt. Since Woodrow Wilson, eight of the 10 planks of Marx’s Communist Manifesto have been DC policy. American communism is failing in the big cities and on the farm — just as it is in every nation in Europe. And productive America feels powerless to do anything but complain. AmericaAgain! allows the repentant remnant — only half of 1% of the population is sufficient — to finally use Tactical Civics™ in a new chapter of American history. Donald Trump is the perfect partner for this exciting new way of life; a bold outsider who can make our historic mission bear fruit. To see our immediate ACTION PLAN, click here. We The People are the only legal authority over the Constitution. The three federal branches are our creation under the Constitution. We will now arrest DC organized crime as this website explains. Explore the site, take courage, and JOIN US.

We The People now break up Congress and bring them home to work under our supervision.

Bring Congress Home

Most federal laws are written by industry law firms, not by legislators. In fact, most federal laws are not even read by the congressmen and senators who vote for them. This has been standard procedure for generations in DC. A small elite controls Congress, and Congress controls our lives, property, careers, businesses, and future. Now we turn the tables by removing Congress from Washington D.C. forever. Click here to see the details of our signature legislation, the Bring Congress Home Act. But we must perform a vital step first: finish ratifying the first article of the original Bill of Rights.

July 4, 2017 (or possibly as early as March-April) 2pm Eastern, at all 50 state capitols, small teams of AmericaAgain! leaders will join in a prayer of national confession and repentance, then we will read THIS proclamation to start the most exciting, responsible way of life in America as we become AmericaAgain!. Our Founding Fathers left us the perfect tool to start the process, as we explain in this blog post.

Let’s Trump D.C.

It has taken over 150 years for Washington D.C. organized crime to destroy our rule of law by violating the Constitution with hundreds of agencies, bureaus, departments, programs — and literally millions of pages of unconstitutional regulations. It will take a few years — possibly a decade or more — to reclaim all that we have lost. Besides the Bring Congress Home Act, we must protect our borders, restore lawful U.S. money and ethical banking, restore our 4th Amendment privacy and due process, protect the Internet from government shutdown, end electronic voting, outlaw all foreign law-codes like sharia, and more. Click here for an outline of our 22 proposed reform laws (includes Mr. Trump’s anti-corruption legislation proposed in Fall 2016).

AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™

If any of us perpetrated the crimes that members of Congress and the state legislatures commit on a regular basis, we would be in prison. AmericaAgain! is developing the first mobile application to track, score, and target every piece of legislation as soon as it is filed by our state or federal legislator. If the proposed law violates the U.S. Constitution, our Legal Section will harmonize that proposed activity with a corresponding felony crime in the actor’s state penal code, and prepare the pre-indictment information and presentment for the State Grand Jury for felony indictment. The Grand Jury is independent of the courts, as U.S. supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia wrote in U.S. v. Williams (1992). The Grand Jury is the sovereign people’s authority above judge and prosecutor, since the purpose of the Grand Jury is to bring indictments against corrupt public servants including judges and prosecutors. Tactical Civics™ is the AmericaAgain! combination of our Indictment Engine™, plus the restored local grand jury and local Militia. Any of the three alone will not suffice. Click here to learn more about the Indictment Engine/

The AmericaAgain! Declaration

Despite his faults, God has empowered and inspired Donald Trump to wide the wave that has included the Moral Majority, Christian Coalition, Constitution Party, End the FED, Ron Paul Revolution, and TEA Party. AmericaAgain! is the result of over 28,500 hours of research and development by 27 volunteers. As a perpetual charitable trust and member organization, the mission of AmericaAgain! is to fulfill the AmericaAgain! Declaration. The motto of AmericaAgain! Trust is “Creating, defining, and leading the new market for Tactical Civics™” which is defined above. Click here to see the entire text of the AmericaAgain! Declaration, first drafted in 2007 with first signed draft dated Thanksgiving 2012.

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