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Ryan represents 650,000 people in the dragon-shaped 6th district.

There should be 13 representatives for this district and they should be working from leased offices in their districts instead of Washington DC.

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I am in Rep. Costello district and I did get a call today to join in on phone town hall meeting which I did.

Thank you Raymond.  My impression is that he is a young independent thinker but is being influenced by the Republican establishment and his many liberal constituents, who are now motivated to contact him because of their fears about loss of entitlements in a Trump presidency.  However most of the issues discussed are things the Federal Government should not be doing in the first place.  I doubt he would support AmericaAgain!'s 22 reform laws after we bring Congress home, but am going to keep an open mind as we see how his career progresses.  Feel free to email me if you want to discuss further, and if you would like to go to Harrisburg with Danny Bongiorno and me on a weekend to videotape the reading of the AmericaAgain! proclamation.

I agree with what you have said about Rep. Costello. He does not follow the constitution and thinks he has to be liberal to get re-elected. Let me know about Harrisburg trip and if I am free that day I would like to go. Thanks.


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