I'm Lyn Eckstein and I'll be helping Chuck Peterson to get the counties of NE Texas up to speed. I'll be adding some extras to your website and generally encouraging participation. If you know of friends who share your views on the sorry state we find our nation in then please invite them to join by sharing a link to the "Constitution Club" site. Express yourself in our forums and start a discussion if you have something on your mind.

The Constitution Club (Constitutional Sheriffs Posse) was originally dedicated to encouraging Sheriffs nationwide to commit to the support of the US Constitution including the bill of rights and to uphold it when faced with choice between the Constitution or the enforcement of un-constitutional laws.

The original name was changed to prevent our site from being confused with Sheriff Mack's CSPOA. Our goals haven't changed but I also want members to feel free to discuss new laws and developments that are changing the face of our state and our nation. This is "your" site! Take advantage of it to advance your issues both in Collin County and Texas. Also take advantage of the open forum and the ability to blog post from the main (home) page.

Add "any" local events to both your county page and the Texas page because these are excellent places to meet people and invite new members!

Spend some time looking through the many resources offered (videos, lessons on the Constitution, source material from historical figures, etc.) and encourage others to do the same.

You can access my page by clicking on my bewhiskered countenance in the friends gallery. I know that there are several beards to choose from but mine is the one with serious whiskers (blue shirt, black vest)! Message me with any questions!

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