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Dear Legislator,

Our Constitutional Republic was abandoned with the ratification of the 17th amendeent in 1913. Up until then then senators had been chosen by the legislatures to repseent the best interests of the states.

With the ratification of the 17th amendment the states lost their representation in the senate and their ability to prevent the abuse of power by the natoinal government.

1913 was a very bad year, The Federal Reserve was created and the Congress gave us the Income Tax, the IRS and the 17th amendment.

We can begin the process of restoring our Constitutional Republic by rescinding the 17th amendment. Thirty six of the forty eight states at the time the amendment was proposed voted for its ratification. Since then 5 more state legislatures have voted for its ratification.

Delaware rejected the proposed amendment back in 1913 and in 2010 their state legislature decided to change their vote to the affirmative,

If six of the states that have previously ratifiied the amendment decided to rescind their ratification vote, the amendment would only have 35 votes in favor of ratification and would the amendment would fall one vote short of the requisite number of votes for ratification.

It would be impossible for the 17th amendment to be repeale, It would take  the approval of two thirds of the members of Congress and three fourths of the states. 

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