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§Common Law Advocates§


§Common Law Advocates§


Website: http://Common Law Advocates
Location: Columbia Falls, Montana
Members: 17
Latest Activity: Oct 8, 2019

§Common Law Advocates§

Greetings brothers and sisters from different fathers and mothers, welcome to my new group which will always be referred to as a private group, but under a club umbrella, because, as I got from the late Karl Darlstrom - governmental entities have no jurisdiction over private clubs.

And before we really get started, the symbol - § - that I use in my §Common Law Advocates§ title is called a silcrow.

The silcrow is from the Latin, meaning to wit, or attention. It was my thought that they added a little punch to the main image. You always see them whenever something legal is talked about and to me - they really make the document stand out! "And that's my story & I'm stickin' to it!"

Rhode Island Jim here, as I now state my disclaimer.

[*Anything you have read, heard or will read or hear today or in the future, should not be considered legal advice. Not now, not ever. We DON'T give legal advice here, we simply tell you what we might do, in any given situation. Anything that sounds like legal advice to you, please just assume that it probably came from a dream someone might have told you about. Some fictitious place somewhere in the universe where the law really matters. It doesn't seem to matter here, which is why we put this group together in the first place. To try and help repair some things, if we can.]

I realize the main reason for joining any group is usually its name and I assure you that this new group site will live up to its name once we get it set up and running. Please, be patient with us because we are just getting started and I obviously have much to learn about groups & website formulation.

Among other things, we will have various legal-type videos and their transcripts (Written documentation of what the recording's audio says) whenever possible,. or as soon as I get them completed - to help everyone in learning concepts that are, or at least seem to be purposefully withheld and kept hidden from the public - even from many attorneys. (Although, most of the older lawyers know about this stuff. Don't think for a moment they don't.)

Take for instance the statement "the plaintiff must appear," I feel quite confident that most of you reading this have no clue just how powerful and defining that statement is. Simply put - if the state is listed as the plaintiff, and if you notice - in every court proceeding at least in the last 10 years, the state is always listed as "the plaintiff".

Handled correctly, this matter (at least in the common law venue, we always refer to the "matter", not, the "case.") could be over damn near immediately, right now, and we'll show you how! They don't teach this stuff in law schools - they simply don't want you to know about it. It's just another ploy to protect their butts, while they continue financially raping all of - "We the People!" "No! I bloody-well think NOT!"

To me, it's not just about the money. It's about fairness & justice!

Have a great "§Common Law§" day!

Rhode Island Jim - aka - James (Jim) Magee, III

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Jury Duty

Started by Morton IX. Last reply by Morton IX Jul 2, 2019. 2 Replies

Hello my name is Christopher,I served for six months on a Carroll County Grand Jury.  I studied hard, learning all I could before going in. I was surprised how scant the information was. I put…Continue

Tags: Well regulated Militias, Jury Duty, Fully Informed Juries Association

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Comment by ronald charles vrooman on October 8, 2019 at 12:10pm

I do lawful not legal and put forth my best effort.

Looks go so far. A Private membership Association.

Comment by Online Professor on July 26, 2019 at 11:16am

Comment by Online Professor on July 11, 2019 at 2:10pm

Comment by Rhode Island Jim on July 6, 2019 at 8:42am

Christopher Scallio, just so you (and other readers as well) know, if laws are "still on the books" (meaning they have never been Constitutionally repealed) they may still be brought up and used at any time.  The wording says (tho not exact) "Even though a law may be sleeping, it can be awoken and used at any time."  In other more exacting words, if you see something "on the books" but it is not used, but may have some import, "down the road", it can be brought up and used at any time.  

Thanks so much for your comment and visiting the site.  Please keep checking for new input, as I am still new to site building etc.  I will be sending out a site explanation memo as soon as I get it composed.  Thanks again - Rhode Island Jim

Comment by christopher scallio on June 29, 2019 at 7:17pm

Maryland has laws against blasphemy, oral sex and  sodomy even between Husband & Wife.  Yet no police or Prosecutors even consider enforcing these laws.  Is this a lawless form of nullification?

Comment by christopher scallio on June 29, 2019 at 7:13pm

In America everyone gets to Veto the law. The Senator or Congressman may Veto with a no vote.  The President may Veto.  The Criminal may Veto the law by violating it.  The Police may Veto through discretion.  The Prosecutor may Veto through discretion.  The Judge may Veto. And finally the Grand Jury & Petit Juror may Veto the law.  Nullification is sweet.

Comment by christopher scallio on June 29, 2019 at 7:09pm

When I served as a Carroll County Maryland Grand Jurist; We only saw the Judge Galloway once. All he did was swear us in and appoint our Jury Foreman. The Grand Jury ought to have appointed it's own Foreman. He only set a vague brief spiel on the purpose of the Grand Jury. He directed any questions we may have to be asked of the Carroll County State's Attorney Barnes. Our orientation was done by a Jury Commissioner Corinda. The Oath we swore stated that we were to judge the facts & the Law as Maryland Constitution declares. I forget the exact wording of the oath. But it mentioned that you bear truth to the facts & law as well regardless of love or hatred of the accused. The Commissioner wanted folks to let her know if we knew the accused or knew of the accused so a Jury Alternate could take our place. I mentioned that the oath clearly recognizes that you may know the accused and still serve on their case.

Comment by Rhode Island Jim on June 29, 2019 at 8:39am

Well, it's obvious to me that my new group - "Common Law Advocates" is absolutely going to be a success, since its only been up (but not yet really running) and already we've got 15 members.

As far as some of the comments so far - the Grand Jury is free to ignore any of the judge's (any judge's) directions and instructions.  I will be getting back with specifics for you shortly.

It's also true, I really don't know how to use this new group yet.  But I will figure it out.  Thanks for the comments. 


Comment by Jeanine Kincheloe on June 29, 2019 at 6:02am


The Judge tells the Jury that they can consider ONLY the facts of the case. The true Jury, called by the common people, considers also the law and whether the law is righteous (enough to be followed). If the law is negligent and violates the Declaration foundation and the Constitution, the person could very well have done the crime, but since the law is unrighteous, the person is judged Not Guilty. From there, I do not know what happens. If the law is wrong and violates The Supreme Law, then what? I do not know.

Comment by Jim Robinett on June 29, 2019 at 5:14am

Christopher, if that is true then why does the so called judge during the swear in process dictate to the members of the Grand Jury what they can see or hear and what they are not to pay attention to.  also why does the judge not instruct the members of the Grand Jury that they have the absolute right to consider the validation of the law or laws being pointed out to them.  You do know that they  can invalidate any law and have the absolute right to do so if they deem it appropriate and justified


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