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The Constitution Club is not a group or an organization, it is a place for people to go to look for answers to the problems we face in America today. If you want to discover who, how and why the American Dream has become a Nightmare, you have come to the right place.  Unlike most other websites we focus on the solutions rather than the problems.

The goal of this website is provide you with the evidence you will need to draw your own conclusions. Unlike the government schools and media who seek to indoctrinate, we simply want to you to share information which  has been hidden from you. There is no Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus.

The American people have been exploited by a gigantic crime syndicate consisting of rich and powerful families whose intent to rule the world. The Constitution Club website will provide you with evidence and once you are convinced, it is our responsibility to take action.

A hungry lion can not eat an elephant all by himself, but an army ants sufficient large can devour the beast in a few minutes. By educating a sufficiently large number of Americans we can end the tyranny and restore the Constitution for the united States.

The Constitution Club is a platform with a website created for each of the 3,142 counties in the United States. The purpose of the websites is to provide the people in the counties to connect and communicate with the people living in their local communities/

We do not require our members to pay anything for the information provided on the website, but voluntary contributions will be greatly appreciated. We would also like to ask each of share this website with their friends, neighbors and countrymen. To escape tyranny and bondage we must realize that along with liberty we have a responsibility to hold our government officials accountable. 

We make a big mistake when we believe what the so called experts tell us. The hidden agenda of the shadow government is to keep us in the dark, so they can pick  our pockets while we are asleep.

Don't ever lie, cheat or steal and don't allow government to take the property from one individual to give to another. When you comply with unjust laws, you give your consent to tyranny. A free man questions authority while slave does what he is told.

Use the brain located between your ears to decide what is ethical. When a law is just, you should obey it, but when a law violates an individuals life, liberty or property it is your duty to refuse to comply with it.

This website has been created for the benefit of liberty minded individuals. Much of what se have been taught in the government schools is simply not true.

In order to determine what is, and what is not true, you need to study the facts and draw your own conclusions. In the past five years I have spend thousands of hours building the Constitution Club website

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