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Whenever the Supreme Court renders a decision outside of their Constitutional authority, it is the right and the duty of Congress to overturn their decision and impeach the justices who voted in favor of the unconstitutional opinion for bad behavior. 

It is the job of the representatives and not the Supreme Court Justices, to settle disputes between the legislative and executive branches. It is not for the SCOTUS to determine which laws are Constitutional and which ones are not.

The representatives of the people in Congress and the state legislatures are the final arbiters of their Constitutions. Our Congressional representatives are supposed to protect the people from unconstitutional decisions by the Supreme Court.

Contrary to public opinion, Supreme Court Justices are not appointed for life, they serve "during periods of good behavior." It is the responsibility of Congress to evaluate their performance and hold them accountable.  The Justices of the Supreme Court are not appointed, they are anointed for life and only masquerade as servants of the people.

These "clowns wearing gowns" are un-elected lawyers and have become 21st Century Gods on Mount Olympus. They need to be held accountable to their Oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

Judges are not appointed to serve for life, they are not supposed to serve for life. they hold their positions during periods of good behavior ONLY! Their assignment is to settle disputes between the legislative and executive branches of government, not to interpret the Constitution.

Doctors, Dentists, School Teachers, Lawyers and even legalized Prostitutes are expected to maintain ethical standards, but the job performance of the Justices on the Supreme Court are never evaluated.

It's time to begin evaluations.

"The Court's in session, The Court's in session; Now Here come the judge." - Pigmeat Markham, 1968

The Constitution Club is NOT a non profit organization, it is simply a website operated by a man who loves life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the principles promoted in the Declaration of Independence.

Donations to the website are NOT tax deductible, but all donations received are used to promote the education of the American people, NOT to pay my bills.

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