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    Let's say that here in Texas we work really hard and have 75% of Texas as a republic, in reference to the counties. By the end of a years work we end up with 97% of the counties as a part of the republic. 

Beware for the tidal wave of trouble. What happens when the "corporate" religious oranizations flex their muscle... could we possible be speaking anti-christ. The vast majority of those who belong to a church belong to a 'corporate' system: the government of the United States of America Incorporated... Not the republic. 

     Can anyone clearly relate to me what is going to happen? TIDAL WAVE! Most religious systems have a hook in the nose of most of the "parishoners". Imagine that! another decption? However those deceived don't believe they have been deceived. Tornados of confusion in every county. 

What think you?  Will the republic survive? Depends. Depends on if you belong to "your" church or if you belong to the Messiah Yeshua a.k.a. Jesus the Christ. 

What think you?

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