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Bring Congress Home

Bring Congress Home

Most federal laws are written by industry law firms, not by legislators. In fact, most federal laws are not even read by the congressmen and senators who vote for them. This has been standard procedure for generations in DC. A small elite controls Congress, and Congress controls our lives, property, careers, businesses, and future. Now we turn the tables by removing Congress from Washington D.C. forever. Click here to see the details of our signature legislation, the Bring Congress Home Act. But we must perform a vital step first: finish ratifying the first article of the original Bill of Rights.

July 4, 2017 (or possibly as early as March-April)  2pm Eastern, at all 50 state capitols, small teams of AmericaAgain! leaders will join in a prayer of national confession and repentance, then we will read THIS proclamation to start the most exciting, responsible way of life in America as we become AmericaAgain!. Our Founding Fathers left us the perfect tool to start the process, as we explain in this blog post. 


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