Indictment Engine

AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™

If any of us perpetrated the crimes that members of Congress and the state legislatures commit on a regular basis, we would be in prison. AmericaAgain! is developing the first mobile application to track, score, and target every piece of legislation as soon as it is filed by our state or federal legislator. If the proposed law violates the U.S. Constitution, our Legal Section will harmonize that proposed activity with a corresponding felony crime in the actor’s state penal code, and prepare the pre-indictment information and presentment for the State Grand Jury for felony indictment. The Grand Jury is independent of the courts, as U.S. supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia wrote in U.S. v. Williams (1992). The Grand Jury is the sovereign people’s authority above judge and prosecutor, since the purpose of the Grand Jury is to bring indictments against corrupt public servants including judges and prosecutors. Tactical Civics™ is the AmericaAgain! combination of our Indictment Engine™, plus the restored local grand jury and local Militia. Any of the three alone will not suffice. Click here to learn more about the Indictment Engine™.

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