There are small group of individuals have a net worth in excess of a billion dollars. They are essentially the owners of the planet and control all of the natural resource including all of the people. They also control the governments of virtually every nation on earth.

They are much wealthier than Kings and Queens and wield significantly more power. Instead of using an army to control the ir subjects they enslave us with debt.

In order to secure their positions of power and prestige, they have decided that it is necessary for them to reduce the population of the earth by four or five billion people. In order to save the planet

In order to save the planet they have several strategies. They financial support organizations such as Planned Parenthood whose goal is to exterminate useless before they are born.

They will also reduce the population as a result or wars and epidemics.

They will poison us with Chemtrailsl, Flouride, GMO's, and Vaccinations. and prescription medication.

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