In the 19th Century the men and women who worked on the plantations were called slaves. Today, they are called employees.

Slavery or involuntary servitude is against the law, but individuals still have a right to volunteer to be debt slaves of the Federal government and the corporations which they have created.

The media and the schools have indoctrinated us into believing that a successful man goes to college to get an education so that he can graduate and go to work for someone else. The vast majority of the people trade their freedom for a pay check. Rather than taking the risk of self employment, they surrender to the bankers and corporations that turn us all into debt slaves.

The slaves on the plantations were exploited by their masters just as the employees of corporations are exploited today.

The only difference is that the plantation slaves knew they were slaves and the employees of the corporations don't.

"The most helpless of all slaves is the man who falsely believes that he is free."
Johannes Wolfgang Goethe

John Adams once stated that:

"There are two ways of enslave a man or a nation, one is with sword and the other is with debt."

When a man or a nation is in debt they become the slave to the lender. The International Bankers and Financial Institutions which own and operate the Federal Reserve have turned the people into debt slaves and are in the process of changing our nation into a third world country.

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