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The members of the Supreme Court are supposed to be the guardians of the Constitution. It is their job to make certain that any form of legislation that violates the Constitution and the God given rights of the people is declared null and void.

The fact is that the Justices on the Supreme Court are more concerned about finding excuses to justify unconstitutional laws than they are about defending the Constitution.

The Constitution was to be our nation's road map to peace, prosperity and freedom. It was written to protect the rights of the people and to prevent the abuse of power by the Federal government.

Somewhere down the line things got turned upside down. Now the Supreme Court is determined to expand the power and authority of the government at the expense of the people.

Lawyers are wordsmiths who can convince a jury that night is day and up is down. The Constitution was written to be easily understood by the common man, but the lawyers on the Supreme Court have deliberately sought to re-write the Constitution by interpreting it in a way that would enable the bankers to have their way with us.

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