The men at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 voted unanimously on a proposed amendment limiting Congressmen to constituencies of not more than 50,000.

They believed this would insure that the voice of the people would be heard. limit the power of the abuse of power by their representatives.

The originally proposed First Amendment and the originally proposed Second Amendment failed to be ratified by three fourths of the states. The Third though Twelfth were ratified and became the Bill of Rights.

In 1983 the originally proposed Second Amendment was ratified and became the 27th Amendment.

The originally proposed amendment was ratified by eleven states and when 27 more state legislatures vote for its ratification it will become the 28th Amendment.

By sending the representatives back to their home Districts ,the people would be better able to supervise their Congressional Representative. With a Congressional District of 700,000 people the Representative has nearly 15 times as much power as the a Congressman representing 50,000.

Washington D.C. has become a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah and by vacating the District of Columbia, the Wall Street bankers, lawyers and lobbyists will no longer be able to wheel and deal with all of our fish in one barrel.

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