When the government of the United States was created, the power was to shared with three different branches. The branch that was supposed to wield the most power was legislative branch, while the branch with the least power was to be the judicial branch,

In Article III of the Constitution defines the jurisdiction of the Federal Courts and explains how the Congress has the responsibility to confirm the members of the Supreme Court and to hold them accountable to preserve, protect and defend the Constittion.

Contrary to what most people believe the members of the Supreme Court are not appointed for life. They are appointed during periods of good behavior. Whenever a member of the Supreme Court fails to honor their oath it is the responsible of Congress to defend the Constitution by dismissing the offending justice.

Another power possessed by Congress is the authority to strip the Federal Courts of jurisdiction on subjects which are not delegated to the government of the United States in Article I Section 8.  In the Tenth Amendment it clearly states that any power not granted to the United States and nor prohibited by it to the states, shall be retained by the states and to the people. In other words since public education, drug enforcement, abortion and marriage are not delegated powers of the government, the courts do not have subject matter jurisdiction.

The nine clowns wearing gowns on the Supreme Court have been usurping power because we the people have not held then accountable. Our senators and representatives have a rights and a duty to prevent the abuse of power by a runaway court If the people want their republic to be restored and for our government to be the guardian of our liberty we need to elect senators and representatives that will prevent the abuse of power by the Executive and Judicial branches of government.

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