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Repealing the Second

Question:  What if the "liberal left" got a Constitutional Amendment drafted, approved, distributed to the States and Ratified which stated, to whit: 

"The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, Article 2 of the Bill of Rights is hereby repealed."  

Would that end our Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms for hunting, sport, self-protection, a bulwark against tyranny, or whatever reason we may name? 

This discussion should be interesting! I hope to see participation on this discussion, because I believe the 2nd Amendment does absolutely nothing by way of rights for the people.

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The Second Protects the First Amendment!

Actually Ray,

Originally they were the third and fourth amendment proposals. The First was about Representation in the House and the Second was about pay raises.

So it's more like the fourth protects the first three.

Amen to that!

There are more gun owners here than anywhere else in the world. Japan did not attack the mainland because they knew Americans were armed and loaded. 38 states would have to ratify any amendment. It is not likely. in the near future.

The threat is there, though, due to the dumbed down populace and the youth having been indoctrinated politically, and also because of the garbage in food, air, water and the incredibly high use of pharmaceuticals.

Men are weakening physically. Hormones have been disrupted through chemicals that lower testosterone, like Glycosphate (Round-Up/Monsanto and Bayer)  Sperm counts are down 30% and that is a fact. So, turn men into feminine men, and yes, it could happen then. It is not only a political war upon our country and our rights, it is also a war on our health and life expectancies. It dropped for the first time, recently.

So, could it happen after those of us over 50 are long gone, Yes, then it could. If America doesn't wake up..

Morton, I read your indication that the Fourth Amendment protects the first three.   Protects?  Does that "protection" mean that the United States could NOT repeal the Second Amendment until the Fourth Amendment is removed from the Constitution--by repeal, modification, or some kind of riddance?

As a Sovereign and a Patriot for Our Nation/Republic, I Stand Against the Evil Progressive Fascist and Socialist Occult within our Republic - This is Definitive!

This Occult is 'Not' a Party - Never Was and 'Never' was 'For The People:' A Subversive Lie - All The Years! Every single president we have had in our white houses has lied and or ignored the people:

Presidents: The Haves:

People: The Have Nots!

The Lies Were Not Just a Hoax - and for that matter - This Outrageous Hate for President Trump is not only on and for Trump; 'It is Definitively Against All of Us as We The Sovereign People - Make No Mistake About This!

We Do Not Have A Congress or House - Wrap Your Head Around This Finally! We Must Stand Up as Warriors and in Fact: Vigilantes - Patriot Warriors and Defend Our Rights and Actions Through Our Constitution!


We Have The Right To Bare Arms and Protect Ourselves: Infinitive! I am "Definitively Against Gun Control" Gun Control - In Plain English: I as an American Sovereign of My Nation and Republic: Have The Right To Own Guns and Ammunition and To Protect My Own Self Against Any Harm From Anyone! The Second Amendment: Ratified on December 15, 1791! See The Bill of Rights!

Furthermore, I declare My Assistance and Support for Creating A United Document To President Trump, Our Vice President and Barr!

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