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I am the Idaho Rep. for PANDA, people against the NDAA. This is a national organization to help states nullify the NDAA. You can view the home site here: I am so glad to have found this connection as I am seeking help from Idaho folks on this nullification in our state. Please consider this opportunity carefully as it is crucial to bringing back to us our freedom and constitutional rights.

Visit also: where I will keep folks updates on progress.

We do have a senator working on legislation and they are in contact with our organization. We provide resolution writing assistance through which has resolutions written for all states. You can go there and click on Idaho to see what is ready for our use.

We need NDAA nullification resolutions presented to county commissioners in every county and to city halls and sheriffs as well all across the state. This is why I need YOUR help! I have already presented to my Custer County commissioners and they are having their lawyers review it.

We also need letter writing and phone calls to state senators as this bill works its way through the legislative process. You can also speak to local groups on the topic if you are inclined. The more people we have involved the greater the chance of winning back our freedom though state sovereignty.

The Tenth Amendment Center is actively tracking progress in different states. Virginia is the first to fully nullify the NDAA. Many states are at different levels in the process of moving through their houses. You can see what is going on at a national level here:

Please call me. We need you. 208-932-1842 Leave message and I will get back.


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