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Monty Pearce submitted this document this week. It looks good to me.

We can nullify the NDAA in Idaho if we come together and work on it.


Arrow  Durfee

PANDA Idaho Rep.





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Monty is a good egg, he helped me introduce my Patriot's day Bill in the Senate back in 2006.  Also, i bought my canoe from his son.  keep us in touch with this bill.  Maybe we could get the attention of groups in this area to lobby for it.  Arrow, join (Idaho Conceal and Carry )on facebook, let them know what you are doing.  Tbey brought over 800 people to the Capitol for Second Amendment rights

thanks Terry.  We need to take resolutions to county commissioners and mayors. Las Vegas just the other day ruled that the NDAA was null in their city. We should have that in all our cities!

Building grass roots solidarity will be helpful to encourage our senators to break out of the mold.

I have submitted a resolution to my county. I will meet with them on March 27 to see how its going. When Im done with the county I will approach my city, sensing that my city would be more difficult than the county I wanted reinforcement there first.

Please drop Monty a note to say thanks and write letters to your district senator. There is still a long haul ahead.


hmm i wonder if  with the release of regulations by this president that we may want to be whistle blowers as to the deep state which actually controls uour the States. we live under a dual government position. I have supplied people with free accounts to Alex jones LOl kill the snake at the head.


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