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In this interview of Thomas Drake,  NSA (National Security Agency) whistle blower, discusses the dangers of the NDAA. Interview starts at 16:45 on the video scroll. I encourage you to watch this to further understand how important this NDAA issue is to our very freedom and at the critical crossroads upon which we now stand.
This film reveals in no uncertain terms why the NDAA is the most egregious threat to all American citizens. You will be presented with a Sheriff's resolution to stand against the NDAA tyranny in a few weeks. This email is to introduce you to what is going on with the NDAA so you know the issue and  your role in protecting the Citizens of Custer County.

PANDA, people against the NDA, is endeavoring to nullify the NDAA state by state across the nation and we are working on in the State Houses. We seek grass roots support though public statements on county and city levels of governement and through Sheriff's offices, that the American people are not going to stand for this criminal activity by our government by passing resolutions that we will not support the NDAA and that we will once again maintain consitutional law and that we will arrest all federal agents who attempt to enforce the NDAA in our county.

Please consider carefully the importance of the resolution that was presented to the Custer Co city counsel to nullify the NDAA  three weeks ago. We cannot settle for a warm and fuzzy resolution. It must have teeth. It must protect the rights of our citizens in Custer County, as we move on to protect our rights on a state level. We must make this demonstration to our state senators that we will stand firm and support them as they work to restore our freedom. All of our citizens must understand what is upon us though this egregious NDAA.
I am praying that you will do you part.

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