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Constitution Education

I am looking for an individual in each of the over 3,000 counties in America to create a group of four or five individuals that are interest in taking the "Proclaim Liberty Throughout the Land." cou… View »

Idaho Counties

Have you joined your county yet? To go to your county group, click on the name below Ada Adams Bannock Bear Lake Benewah Bingham Blaine Boise Bonner Bonnevi Perce Oneida Owyhee Payette Power… View »

The 5,000 Year Leap

The reason that this course of study is so important is that it outlines the 28 principles upon which our nation was founded.The things that we believe govern our actions and ultimately determine ou… View »

Meet Our Sheriffs

Meet Our Sheriffs View »

Honor Roll

Congratulations to the following Sheriffs for having been selected as members of the Idaho State ConstitutionalSheriff's Honor Roll Benewah County, Idaho Sheriff Dave Resser Bonner County, Idaho She… View »


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