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The Constitution Club is now endorses AmericaAgain! The Tenth Amendment Center and The Center for Self Governance   After spending five years and thousands of hours trying to educate my followers on the problems in America today I have decided that the time has come to focus on potential solutions..

All three of these organizations focus on solutions rather than problems. If you would rather take action rather than just complaining I suggest you consider supporting these organizations.

The site has several website to help you educate yourself on the principles of individual liberty and personal  responsibility.

Educational Resources

Principles of Liberty

Proclaim Liberty Throughout the Land

Philosophy of Liberty

Spokesmen for Liberty

The Law by Frederic Bastiat 

Constitutional Studies

Overview of America  

Before we are ready to take action, we must educate ourselves as well as our friends and neighbors. Then we must take actions.

One of the most significant contribution you can make is to invite your friends, neighbors and countrymen to join our website.

With a sufficient number people who are willing to roll up our sleeves we do the things that are necessary to restore liberty to a land that once was free.

In order to learn about the mission of AmeicaAgain! go to their website and help in restoring the Constitution  For more information Click Here
!Your Children and Grandchildren are Counting on You!

Thank You for Helping to Restore America 

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