Welcome to the AmericaAgain!

The Constitution Club is now the social networking site for AmericaAgain. After spending five years and thousands of hours trying to educate my followers on the problems in America today I have decided that the time has come to take action.

The purpose of the new AmericaAgain! social networking site is to provide our members with a plan of action and the ability to communicate with like minded individuals..

The site will continue to provide access to blogs, forums,videos and other features to enlighten our audience. but our primary focus will be on bringing thousands of our Constitution Club members into the AmericaAgain! organization.

Our founding fathers pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to become a free and independent people. All we are asking for is a monthly donation of $9 per month and some of your time.

By far the most significant contribution you can make is share our website and our message with as many people as possible. With a sufficiently large army of Patriots onboard our goal can achieved.

By collectively rolling up our sleeves we can turn the proposed First Amendment into a the Twenty Eighth Amendment to our Constitution and restore the House of Representatives to the people...

In order to restore our Constitutional Republic we are going to need hundreds of thousands of patriots to roll up their sleeves and put their shoulders to the wheel. 

Your Children and Grandchildren are Counting on You!

Thank You for Helping to Restore America 

Keith Broaders




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