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Our host is most correct with all the wrongs begin during the time of the 17th Amendment. All of these occurred during the Presidency of Woodrow Wilson.

During this same era, "Progressivism" was organized in a National Stage. Check your historical records and verify the meetings of the presidents/dean's of our top 100 universities and colleges, the heads of all our major newspapers, the richest of our rich, the bluest of our bloods and including the lady placed as the goddess of abortion and Eugenics.

The the result of those meetings was a solution to creating a society where only the finest of bloodlines, the richest of the rich, those with the best of education's would rule the United States.

Wilson was key in the initiation of this movement. During his eight years, he re-segregated all military, federal jobs and property. Involved our Nation in more Wars than all Presidents combined. Including Russia on Two Fronts.  Installed all Dictators from Cuba and Mexico through Argentina.

Compared all Unions to Socialism and our Nation's enemy and attacked them as such. 

His birth of Progressivism has brought us to where we stand today. The complete removal of our Republican Form of Government as promised in our Constitution. The, "Open Sore" of Blame and Separation between the Blacks and Whites, the Rich and the Poor, those who work hard to keep what they have, and those who refuse to work because they get more by not doing so.

Once the door to Democracy has been opened, it is next to impossible to close, unless as Jefferson referred, " The Roots of Liberty are once more fed. "

Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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DeSpain:   I much appreciate your post.  I feel that we need much study of how democracy is a mortal threat to any organization that employs it.  I also agree with you that getting back closer to our original Republic is difficult.   This needs a lot of discussion.  The States need to care about States' Rights, and I don't see much thinking in that direction.  

States Rights is the exact reason our Civil War was fought. In today's world we are told it was about Slavery, but in point of fact it was the Sovereignty of the States, the Bill of Rights, and the very Limited Powers of the Federal Government.

Truth must always be the whole Story, warts and all. At this particular time and place, if we, the People, do not take back control of our government, education, and Truth in our Media and History, we are finished as a Nation.

In this New Year, if the Professional Politicians attempt to remove the President from office, we very well may face our Second Civil War.

The people must be informed through every available opportunity.

Lynn Bryant DeSpain


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