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Holding Them Accountable - State by State

This is one of the articles I put together to address the issues most important to state sovereignty. Here is a copy of that article and a link to the original. Issues for Every State Every state in… View »

Out of State Money

The Seats in Congress are Bought and Paid For  With Money from Out of State Seats in the Senate of the united States are purchased by Wall Street  bankers and corporations. The ignorant… View »

Amending the Constitution

Let's Not Repeal It,  Let's Rescind It The states have the power to amend the Constitution by adding to it or subtracting from it. When two thirds of the members of both the Senate and the House… View »

A Republic if You Can Keep It

In a Republic, the political power is vested in the hands of Representatives of the people,, while in a straight Democracy, the political power is vested in the hands of the ignorant and uniformed m… View »

Direct Election of Senators

Our founding fathers waned to create a Constitutional Republic where the rights of individuals would forever be protected. One the ways they sought to guarantee the sovereignty of the states and the… View »

Rescinding the 17th Amendment

Forty One states have ratified the 17th amendment and 7 states have not. If five of the 41 states legislatures that had previously embraced the 17th amendment realized that their state legislature ha… View »


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