How many of the 67 County Sheriffs were in attendance at the meeting when the Florida Sheriff's Association voted on the Second Amendment Resolution? Collectively, the majority of those in attendance voted in favor of the resolution, but how many opposed it and who were they?

The Association said they would defend the defend the Constitution, but they did not say they would prevent the Federal government from enforcing laws that they deemed were unconstitutional? If the Supreme Court rules that the Second Amendment is no longer valid does absolve the Sheriffs from honoring their oath?

The Sheriffs each took an oath as individuals to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. They need to stand up individually and declare if they will serve the people and defend the Constitution or they will be administrative lap dogs for the President?

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why is there no answer posted to this question...I want to see where my sheriff stands, don't you?


Hello Beth,  this is a question that we do need to answer.  Tom is a very competent sheriff  and I would add a gentlemen,  but we do need to find out where he stands on what he would do if confronted by the feds.  When he was elected Kathy, Kerry, Terry and myself along with one or two others visited his office and I gave him a copy of that document from Missouri and he was interested but it all stopped.  He always avoids topics about military equipment but now with this Jade Helm 15 on the horizon we need answers.  

The time to be scared and hiding is over.  We are already made aware that the Govt. is reading every communique of the citizenry.  This is why the silence.  If your email is attached to this group, you've supported ron paul, you've purchased bullets at Walmart or anywhere with a debit card or read a hunting magazine you are on some list somewhere and subject to persecution.  We already live in a Fascist state, only veneered by the illusion of freedoms in society.  Freedoms that hand you the rope with which to hang yourself in the court of Fascist tyranny.  They let you go as far as you can pull the rope and when it serves them, you are pulled in by it, tied up by what you've done with your "freedoms" and ultimately hanged for the offenses they find against them, not society.  Tyranny rules by selective convictions, channeled control and widespread oversight.  If you are a problem, you are labeled, ostracized in your sphere of influence and cut loose from your support mechanisms.  Once you've been taken down by your own kind, you are targeted as a burden on society, a pariah, or a criminal because you've been place in such a compromised position of their creation.  Either in jail, killed as a rogue agent, falsely accused or just destitute you are no longer a threat.  This is what we have seen done to the whistleblowers from Wikileaks like Asange and Snowden and probably me soon with talk like this.  Things are escalating quickly, we soon will be at war in the world and the war against the people will follow soon after.  The currency will collapse and it will be havoc in the streets when people don't have internet or fuel, food will be in short supply and nobody but the psychopathic "preppers" will have what they need to stay alive and defend themselves.  That is except the jackboots of the elite, they will have more than enough to eat and fuel and internet "privileges" and other benefits of compliance with orders to kill and steal and rape and other crimes against humanity.  The mold was cast in Nazi Germany and it will only be more efficient, effective and rapid in its deployment this iteration.  The writing has been on the wall for many, many years and people still refuse to see where we are headed.  Where is your salvation, who can save you now?  You can save yourself, but only if you get active, get organized and stand up against this new world order with all your might.  Without education of the sheeple that sleep and act like sheep, bleating that its paranoia, they will be a big part of the problem.  We are many, they are few.  If we stand STRONG together, we can be saved from this...but one thing is necessary and without this we are lost.  That is Christ.  He is ultimately our Salvation.  And without many many souls turning to Christ, Our Sovereign Lord, God's mighty right hand, we cannot succeed against Satan's stronghold here on earth.  Christ has already won the victory over death and sin, but Satan still has reign over this world.  But if we come to Christ, humble ourselves honestly, turn from our evil ways and do good to one another, ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST as your Lord and Savior, into your heart, confess your sinful nature, be willing to receive the Holy Spirit of God the Father Almighty into our being to guide you and teach you, Satan cannot have you, your soul will live in Eternity with Christ.  Christ is merciful and loving, his yoke is easy, He will never leave you nor condemn you if you follow His path to righteousness.  Say this prayer:   Lord God, you are Holy indeed and I am a sinner.  Please forgive my sins, all of them past present and future.   Bring me to knowledge of the Christ, Jesus, lead me with your truth, Save my soul from hell and bring me to live with you in Heaven.  Help me to live as you will it for me, use me to serve your people and provide for me in my hour of need.  I am sorry I have sinned against you, hear my prayer and answer me with your loving kindness and mercy.  In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, amen.  If you say this and mean it with all your heart you can receive Christ, do not fall back but find a Bible and read the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Digest the scriptures with your mind and spirit so you find the meanings for your eternal soul is in the balance.  You must want to be saved, you must want to learn, you must persevere for our troubles are only beginning to become apparent now and this will last years.  The burden is easy for through Christ the weight of the world is lifted and you know liberty as God wants if for you.  Life is a gift, we need each other, so find those who can help you, and those you can help.  Do this with love foremost, for in doing it for them you serve Christ also.  And keep the faith God grants in His Grace.  Bless you brothers and sisters.  Love your enemies, don't curse them, do good to them and in doinig so you heap burning coals upon their heads, Christ says and His promises are true.
 Be believing, stop your unbelief.  God has many blessings and much knowledge and truth to share if you humble yourselves and ask for wisdom from on high.  For not all truth is beneficial and wisdom can be evil as well, so ask for God's wisdom.  Go boldly before the Lord and ask in the quiet of your locked room for His favors and he will be faithful to those who love and fear Him. 

God Almighty, Heavenly Father, you are Holy indeed and all creation rightly gives you praise.  Hear now your servant.  Bless your world with peace and love, joy and healing.  Bind up evil in Your Will, not as we understand it.  Turn the hardened hearts of this world to flesh, be our rock of strength, our protection and our God.  Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for your sacrifice on Golgotha at the cross.  May we behave such that you call us Friend, help us in mercy to be free from persecution and bring us to honorable deaths after lives spent serving you and your children on earth.  Holy Spirit, come and dwell in our hearts, live within us and teach us, mold us and rebuke us to the will of the Father. Be gentle loving God and save us from eternal fire in hell, protect us from the evil ones always.  Seeking first your Kingdom, we hope to honor you with our lives, forgive us as we forgive others and teach us to pray without ceasing.  Thanksgiving always in our hearts, your precepts in our minds, your joy in our spirit always, hear this prayer for all your people...amen.

thirteen views and only two responses to this question.  The sheriff's are our best hope, but alas they too are lost in the mind control of corporatocracy.   Some are awakened but we must have more.  I only three days ago was persecuted by a sheriff's deputy through impoundment of my vehicle for expired tags because I challenged authority with a single question and a two second delay of handing over my ID.  We must step lightly with these armed authoritarians.  This mistake cost me $285 for two days impound (add $30 a day for each additional day if not paid off) plus the registration of $46.50 a yr for a 150cc scooter.  This much for clicking a box online and a 2inch square sticker, every year?  Small potatos no doubt but with no job or income, this is a major setback and the Deputy knew my situation and still exceeded necessary authority by theft and extortion while threatening imprisonment (kidnapping and abuse)

We live in perilous times people, its almost too late to pull back the shroud of corruption over our world.

God bless our honorable servants, they are up against this threat as well, they are outnumbered in their own ranks too.  God bless those who are lost in the system of Satan's lies and laws of oppression, bring them Oh Gracious Lord to right knowledge and conversion to Christ.  amen


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