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I think that the Sheriffs who value the 2nd Amendment should form a posse of concealed carrying citizens to insure that FEDS do not descend on law abiding citizens without their knowledge.  Empowered ONLY to exercise authority until the sheriff or legal representative arrives on the scene.

You want to scare the feds off due to citizen involvement, have the sheriffs ask for a volunteer militia as permitted by the 2nd and 10th Amendments.

Washington will know they have stirred a hornets nest.

I volunteer.

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That is totally unacceptable!

MB if we can do this - it will never happen again . .

But what about the restoration of the Original 13th amendment?


I'm glad to see someone else knows about the original 13th Amendment. My email address is it's ratification date. You don't need to restore it. What you need to do is expose the fact that Abraham Lincoln was the first Pres. to violate it, as he was an atty., a title of nobility. It was his regime that had it fraudulently removed after he got into office. There was no full disclosure, neither was there a vote, therefore, it is still legitimately in place. I am using it as part of my law suit against my Sheriff, 2 judges, D.A. and 2 of his Deputy D.A.s. The ratification date was March 12, 1819. Virginia was the last State to ratify, and they did it 2 days earlier, March 10, 1819. Pass the info along!

Wayne Bachmann
Marilyn Brannon said:

But what about the restoration of the Original 13th amendment?

I am excited about your knowlege of the "BAR"! Not many people know what it stands for. My email address is the ratification date for the original 13th Amendment, March 12, 1819, which was supposed to prevent those Bar snakes from engaging in public service. Abraham Lincoln, being an atty., not to mention, the son of one of the Rothchild daughters, had no business running for public office. It was his regime who fraudulently removed the original 13th Amendment, without full disclosure, or being voted on, therefore, it is still legitimately in place! Use it! Hope you get the other message I just left for you. Being new to this, and being technically chalenged on computers, I'm not always sure I get things done properly.

Marilyn Brannon said:

We need to remove all Lawyers from office as an association with the Bar is an association with the British Crown!

original 13th admendment

Mangus, I am confused as the original 13th amendment also has nothing to do with race, and as I understood it (and I could be wrong) the original 13th amendment was a part of the original Constitution. 

As you will see I am no expert on this, having only become aware of it recently.

So Wayne I did not know that level of detail about Lincoln.

I did wonder if the Lincoln movie was funded because of the under current of mutterings about the original 13th surfacing. You know how it works with the media propaganda; got to reinforce the incorrect version in the masses. 


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