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Hello my fellow Texans!  As I got to looking at the Texas Group I noticed that most of the stuff on the page is outdated. Like the website, Texas Sheriff's Org PDF.  The new website is and it has an interactive county map.  I don't know if there is a Texas Group Leader or how things are set-up but it shows 102 members in the group.  Hopefully, we can get some new activity in the group and in the county groups. Anybody have any ideas or suggestions how to get more people involved?

Frederick H. Stralow - Rick "Stradog"

Gun Barrel City, Texas (Henderson County)

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Rick, yes I have a lot of ideas, but they have to happen in order. The first order of business is 'Ratify28', and the first step in that action project is holding our 50-capitol 'Proclamation Day'.

It's all included in 'Mission to America', the 8-week boot camp book for Tactical Civics™.

We have a full-spectrum but very tactically-focused action plan. It's laid out in the book, 'Mission to America', that you can download here on the site.

Keith had AmericaAgain! acquire this social media site because he was tired of just jabbering about everything, but doing nothing.

We have members in Texas, but we need an ACTION focus that I can talk to you about on the phone, AFTER you read at least Lesson One in 'Mission to America' and after you send me some basic bio information on yourself.

To let me know, please email me at because I can't always be on this site.


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