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The "Principal Party"-Informal, based in Constitutional intent for Article V, our first right.

I'm sick beyond description of party politics.  So much so that even dealing with the re-registration to simply support the essence of the principles that are the intent of our founding documents as America, is more than I can fathom.

I spoke to a voter registrar employee.  Discerning voter intent was a big deal in their office.  They are Americans acutely aware of the importance, indeed, sacredness of the citizens vote.

Diebold and other voting practice issues aside.  There is a plan.

Obviously Lincoln's words of 1859 need to be realized.  "the people are the rightful masters of the congress and the courts."  He could only be referring to Article V because congress, the courts, the senate and the president have no authority of ratified amendment of 3/4 of the states convening.

Our first Constitutional right is to "alter or abolish" abusive government from the DOI in 1876.  The codification restrains the right somewhat because it is given to states to propose and ratify amendments.  Therefore we must have strategy to assemble states.  This proposal includes that.

Our first right is Article V and proper preparation for the most important political event of the nations history is mandatory.

What does preparation for Article V consist of?

If the people are the rightful masters, then they must have informed opinions and an acute sense of priorities.  This only occurs through free speech, it is abridged so far and so long we do not even know what it is.  I do.

Free speech exists so that information needed for survival is shared and understood.

Obviously, if the Constitution is to be defended and a compliant federal government restored, we need ROBUST free speech.  Over compensation to degrees hard to calculate is the SAFE way to proceed Constitutionally.

Preparation calls for revision of the 1st Amendment and inclusion of the excluded 70% of a natural law doctrine communicated by the leaders of the Iroquois Confederacy to the framers, but removed from our written record of all types.  It was far too powerful a concept for the people to be included in the contract tended by elements eventually seeking to trash it. 

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness are the last 30% of what was called, "The Greater Meaning of Free Speech".  It was told to me by Michigan Indian named Gregory Baker in perhaps 1990.  I had forgotten it until perhaps 2002 when I began integrating it into what turned out to be a fringe understanding of the Constitution or the details surrounding the primacy.  It goes like this.

Through free speech, an understanding can be gained, from that can be created; forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, respect, trust, friendship and love protecting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If there is skepticism of this, consider, you will not be able to get a mother or father to relinquish a societal right that holds high and honors the ability to share knowledge which may protect their child's life.

It goes against our instincts to do that.  This is natural law.

We are in agreement right now across this nation concerning this issue in every way.  But only the person reading this message at is aware of it.  So pass this on like nothing you've ever heard and shared before.  Be aware I've written a draft revision of the 1st Amendment that fixes much of what is wrong or supplies what is missing.

There are 2 more amendments needed for proper preparation and I'm sure everyone will agree and accept those as well.

2) Secure the vote-end the diebold and vote counting scam.

3)Campaign finance reform-revers + citizens united

After those amendments at the onset of an Article V convention, then a general convention can proceed assured that all amendments will have constitutional intent.

This is the platform of the "Principal Party" which is explained by a 8.5x11 given to the county voter registrar in the county of a person who wishes to step out of party politics and only vote for people that support the prime principles of America unconditionally.

The voters of the Principal Party work with the ballots provided with consistency enabling the registrars to be confident in their interpretations of voter intent.

This is called getting out of the box or a new paradigm that unconditionally supports the Constitution with a full comprehension of its prime principals.

Ask me how this is used in states to purify and purge unconstitutional officials at the state level while working on proposed amendments.

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I do not understand you. You say that you are sick to death of the party politics (as I am), so why are you even wanting to modify a corporation that is feigning to be a government?? It does not make sense to me. The true, original, Republic that our Founders established, which Abe Lincoln and his regime abandoned in 1860, was re-occupied in November of 2010. We the People put all 50 governors on lawful notice in March of 2010, that if they did not get back in and re-occupy the Republic seats, and take their proper Oaths, they would be terminated from the Republic. All 50 governors acquiesced, so we the People held elections, and re-occupied the Republic with an interim Republic Government, just as our Founding Fathers had it to begin with, except that we have welcomed the Blacks with full Citizenship and provided women with the voting rights. The ORIGINAL Republic is up and running again, so why not take advantage of it? It is only a interim government for the time being, as the masses don't even know about it yet, but will go into a full fledged government when the masses of People find out, and want their rights back again, when you, and the masses, decide you would rather have your God given rights, rather than "government granted privileges", which can always be taken away, as they are currently being taken away, and violated by this corporation that is currently controlling the land, but is about to implode from its own corruption. I have brought up this subject many times, yet people keep wanting to convert a corrupt corporation into a Republic. It is impossible. You cannot make apple pie from green cheese. Why not do the simple thing; simply register with the Republic, which has already been re-occupied, and is up and running, but still needs a lot of volunteers. I am the lawfully elected Republic Representative for Harney County, Oregon. I am sure there are lots of positions available to you, wherever you live. Get registered, and help make a difference, a positive difference for your country! Once you get registered, you will no longer be in the corporate jurisdiction, so cops won't even have the authority to write tickets to you. You will need to reserve your lights, if you choose to keep your license, and rescind your voting registration, as that is a voluntary registration binding you into servitude with the corporation, but you will be well on your way to breaking free of the corporation that has been violating your God given rights since birth.

It's your life, your choice! 

I should mention one other item, which I am sure many are already aware of. Our Founders strongly suggested that we not have parties, that being one of the ways corruption is disguised and slipped in to get passed. You have good reason to be sick of it. I think George Washington mentioned this very subject in his Farewell Address.

I should have mentioned in the previous response that if you are interested in registering with the Republic (not to be confused with Republican Party), you can do so by going to, go to the middle link below the blue seal, find your state, and register. There is a different link for registering, but I think it is down, at the moment, for updating.

now were on track Wayne lots of common sense here. no parties please i hate welfare for the sociopaths and egotists.

As far as I'm concerned, you and I have always been on track, at least generally speaking. We may have a different perspective occasionally, but we are on track, and I totally agree with you, on this one!

I agree. The "principal party" is a name or label to apply to the activity which dissolves party differences with principal, but the name is needed to have a political identity within the party system.

Greetings Wayne! I'm pretty sure I do not even imply this in any way.

"I do not understand you. You say that you are sick to death of the party politics (as I am), so why are you even wanting to modify a corporation that is feigning to be a government??"

What is described is an intervention of the corporations operation under the constitution. The constitution and DOI before it, with "alter or abolish" predates the corporation.

I would like to see the documents and the authority that establish this if it is fact.

"The true, original, Republic that our Founders established, which Abe Lincoln and his regime abandoned in 1860, was re-occupied in November of 2010."

There have been lawful actions taken by many. I've signed so many things online, I may have participated. but again, can you link to the documents and authority?

"We the People put all 50 governors on lawful notice in March of 2010,"

Greetings Christopher!

Maybe I misunderstood you! Here is what happened. A few years ago, about 5, a couple Fed. gov. employees retired. After they did, they contacted those of us in the Republic, told us about the corporation being created in 1868-71, primarily 1871, and informed us that all we needed to do to solve the problems with the government was to recognize the fact that Abe Lincoln had abandoned the Republic, and after he was assassinated, congress created the corporation, and the constitution for the corporation, making it almost identical to the Republic Constitution, omitting the original 13th Amendment, replacing it with what you think is the 13th Amendment, which should actually be the 14th Amendment, and has been running the country ever since, as a corporation, right under our noses, without us comprehending what is going on. They told us all we needed to do to remedy the situation was to exercise what you mentioned about altering or abolishing the government when it got to the point of being dysfunctional, and re-inhabit the Republic seats, because the corporation that is feigning to be our government vacated them in 1860. They even informed us that after we put them on legal/lawful notice, they will not respond, and they didn't. They lost their positions by default. To go about it lawfully, all we had to do was serve legal/lawful notice on all 50 governors (March 30 and 31, 2010) done by 27 flesh and blood Americans from each state, making a total of 1350 de jure Grand Juror Americans signing these documents, giving all governors 21 days to respond, giving them the opportunity to re-occupy their Republic seats (and abandon the corporation) and take their proper Oaths. The governors would not do it. All 50 of them acquiesced, thus putting we the People in the lawful position to re-occupy the Republic seats ourselves, and that is exactly what we did. On November 20, 2010 we held elections, and lawfully voted an interim government into place, and are about to hold elections again, on December 4, 2013. You probably are not aware of the elections, but they have been announced in USA Today newspaper on Monday, September 23rd, in the PUBLIC NOTICES section. You may want to get a copy for historical purposes. We are currently in the process of selecting candidates. The reason it is an interim government is because there are so few people who are even aware of the Republic being vacated, let alone being re-inhabited. Once the Republic is well known, which won't be much longer, we are expecting a major growth to take place at an exponential rate. You ask about the authority; well, it is we the People, that is where the power and authority reside. There has been over 140 years for any other group of people to come together and re-inhabit the Republic seats, and no one else has done it. We did it! There is still a lot of work left to do. If you want more info, please feel free to go to the main Republic website at, and if you want to get registered, click on the second link under the blue seal, find your state and get registered. Once you have registered, and removed yourself from the corporate citizen/slave status, cops won't even have the authority to write warnings, let alone actual tickets! They work for the corporation, and once you extract yourself from the corporation, they will have no authority over you. Just be sure to reserve all your rights.

the Tim turner plan. I was there i took part  Tim turner is a person who does not work for the people. i had him on a show and blistered his butt.

Tell you people the 14th as well as Social Security has loosed the dogs of Communism on this nation. you have a police State forming and DHS is your new Brown Shirts with  Hitler  now in power.( Obama )

now Article v is an action  we can use nullification.  several states have used it for different resons. Back to barron VS Mayor of Baltimore 1833. The Edict of John marshal put the Bill of rights back into the states where they belonged.. We have forgoten our ability to change this all by changing our selves our city councils county commissioners  our representituives within the states and we must leave behind a Constitution which this Government does not recognise as it enumerated their power not the peoples .

In the states Constitutions is our structure. Our sheriffs who have the ability to stop all Federal encroachments upon the states and the people. posses formed to defent the people of that county  once more people heres my offering

as well as the ability to remake yourself a states citizen heres a site a california police officer set up who now understands the reasons for state citizenship.    nithings exact but when you have Supreme court decisions which give you answers by all means use them.

It is not Tim Turner's plan. It is about re-inhabiting the original Constitution. The plan is the same with, or without Tim Turner. He is currently serving time, classed as a political prisoner, because of false charges from the IRS. The Republic is moving on, regardless of what has happened to Tim. The corporation infiltrated the Republic, trying to break it up, as they have serious concerns about what will happen when the majority of the people find out the truth about the government just being a corporation, that is violating their rights on a daily basis. They thought if they removed Tim Turner, they could kill the Republic. They are now finding out different. The Republic is not about Tim Turner. It is about restoring our Republic.

Quisno, your perspective is refreshingly rooted in official actions that are very meaningful. Some states have used nullification, and it seems successfully.

And yes, Sheriffs do have that power, but, are too often too militarized and observant of the chain of command rather than the constitution. Of course, with citizens that know it, many can be trained:-)

And yes, the abridging of free speech is what caused this,

" our ability to change this all by changing our selves our city councils county commissioners  our representatives within the states and we must leave behind a Constitution which this Government does not recognize as it enumerated their power not the peoples ."

Those duties and activities are nearly belittled in the short term by the scope of treason we shall have to face once free speech is unabridged. To do that, Article V is needed. Indeed Article V cannot be properly done without it because the people are "the rightful masters of the congress and the courts"., and free speech is how they attain that position.

Article V is controlled by constitutional intent which the congress and courts can only interpret, but the people can define. Therein is the "Principal Parties" main tool because the preparations are absolutely logical and unquestionably constitutional. Members of both parties want these things done and will embrace the principles if the newly re-formed republic recognizes them easily.

1)End the abridging of free speech
2)Secure the vote
3)Reform campaign finance

Greetings Quisno, yes, principals is what it is about. The principal party uses them to unify and create a new venue of politics that is party blind. Instead, we only see the principals of the candidate.

I they appreciate and intend to hold high, our first constitutional right with us, we can properly vote for them.

Excellent Wayne, we really are on the same page.

"The true, original, Republic that our Founders established, which Abe Lincoln and his regime abandoned in 1860, was re-occupied in November of 2010."

I see it a little differently, where the English funded and armed, trained the Union and Abe couldn't please everybody but was killed because he was going to put the nation constitutional before paying the English, their due, which they wanted control in lieu.

But it doesn't matter because we agree on what happened in 1871 and that is the critical point. Correct, our recognition and reclaiming is vital. However, the economy has been hijacked and that is the real power. The technical formality seems completed as you say.

The next thing is a show of true leadership from the republic that works to instill a sense of constitutional intent pervading the sacred principles of the republic. Sacred because they support life and such is congruent with natural law instinct. Strategy for unity above and beyond the lost interface to command of the economy, which will bring the economy back under the control of the republic.

Here is where the principal party works and nothing the corporation does will work. The reason is that principals truly sacred, are naturally and freely used bringing Americans together in heart, and mind. This they will do, and know they are doing, to survive, to have rights adequate to protect their freedom.

Ending the abridging of free speech will clear the path for the republic IF it is using the highest levels of constitutional intent to "alter or abolish" the corporate government and re-establish the government for the republic.


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