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The Mission of the Constitution Club

Mission Statement

The goal of the Constitution Club in the beginning was simply to educate America on the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility. Being a professor, I instinctively went straight to the thing I do best. Open the floor for debate and let the class take it from there.

Little did I know, that after years of gathering millions of bits of data and videos and writing hundreds of articles, while attracting some of the best minds in the country along the way, we had actually created a massive storehouse of information which, for millions of liberty minded patriots and their various organizations, could be relied upon as a tool to educate themselves and their friends and neighbors on the benefits of freedom and sovereignty, (control of your financial destiny).

We started out believing that we could fix the country by fixing the Constitution and ended up finding out that we really just needed to spend our efforts on enforcement of the provisions already spelled out in the Constitution we have.

We believe we need to enforce the following items, including, but not limited to;

  1. Article I, Section 2, Part 3 provisions for a 1/30,000 ratio of Representatives to constituents. No other ratio is fair, realistic, or acceptable to a federal government which is supposed to have "limited" powers. Increase the number of representatives in a given pool and you automatically increase the VARIETY and DIVERSITY of the voices of the people being heard. The end result will be that you will get a more homogeneous and comprehensive result in government. More voice from the People = Fewer laws which violate the Constitution.
  2. Limiting the power of the Federal government to the enumerated powers in Article I, Section 8, Clauses, 1 through 17 and the laws necessary to provide for carrying out those enumerated powers in Clause 18 AND NOTHING ELSE! No other powers are to be assumed.
  3. The Bill of Rights - ALL of it. ESPECIALLY the Tenth Amendment!
  4. Article VI, Section 2. - "The Constitution is the Supreme Law of The Land!"
  5. Elimination or serious modification of EVERY Amendment after the Tenth. They were all passed under "Emergency Doctrine" and are therefore invalid. They are all unlawful because they violate Article VI, Section 2, of the very Constitution they purport to be following. *
  6. Hold elected "officials" accountable to their word, their Oath of Office and their promise to protect those whom they "serve".
  7. End The Fed! PERIOD!
  8. Close the IRS, the BATF, BLM, the Forrest Service and a thousand other alphabet soup agencies.
  9. Eliminate ALL 20,000 plus gun "laws"; they are ALL in violation of the Second Amendment.
  10. Close down ALL "Public Schools". They are antithetical to a truly "Free" society. We must teach our own vision of the world to our children and they must teach it to theirs.
  11. Return of our judicial processes and courtrooms. A return to the rule of law and not of men, through Jury Nullification.
  12. Make sure that the power to form a Grand Jury is clearly spelled out as a right of the people and not the venue of ANY government "official".
  13. A return to the provisions of the original Thirteenth Amendment. To whit;"If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive or retain, any title of nobility or honour, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them."

There are thousands of organizations which focus on the hundreds of problems we face in America today, the previous list notwithstanding. It is our goal to help liberty minded individuals and organizations educate themselves so that they can help determine our best course of action.

We believe that all of these organizations share a desire to restore liberty and the rule of law to America. The Constitution Club is there to be a resource and provide an educational website for the patriot community to use as for what to do and how to do it.

In order to restore our lost freedom, we must come together. Individually we are weak, but collectively we can turn the tables on the bankers, lawyers and corrupt politicians. Individuals and organizations who have a common goal need to have a place to communicate with each other.

We currently have thousands of individuals who are members of the Constitution Club website and many more who visit. We are not an "organization" and we don't have an agenda. We are a private membership and a storehouse of education and knowledge.

We are a neutral corner for everyone to meet at and get on the SAME bandwagon, with the force and power of millions of patriots around the country. We do not charge a membership fee to join. We rely 100% on donations and volunteer member participation to bring you this service.

The Constitution Club is an educational resource center for ALL OTHER patriotic organizations who would like to educate, motivate and inspire their membership. We have created a library consisting of thousands of videos that teach the principles upon which our nation was founded. This is the kind of information that takes YEARS to amass and can be shared with your entire membership. FREE!

When you go to our website, you are not required to sign up and provide us with your name and/or contract information in order access our content. The only time you would be required to join is if you wanted to post your own content or make comments. If you do register, you will receive our broadcasts through your email. If you don't sign up you will not be on our email list and will not be able to actively participate.

The Constitution Club was not created to compete with other patriotic organizations, it was created to support them with valuable content that can be used to educate, motivate and inspire their membership. Don't think of the Constitution Club as a competitor, think of us as a valuable resource.

In order to achieve the critical mass required to stop the current evil that is embodied in the people we have elected to "serve" in our government today, we must stop competing with each other and work for the common goal of restoring America.

Our goal at the Constitution Club is to help you grow your organization by providing you with material that will you educate, motivate and inspire your members and
in return, your members can then move to concrete action in their county, in their community to hold elected officials accountable to their Oath of Office and restricted to the enumerated duties assigned to them. NOTHING ELSE!
As a leader or member of any patriotic organization you are in a unique position to influence others by posting your own content and announcements and sharing it with many other patriot groups. Here is a list of typical topics you may find here;

Our agenda is to provide you and your organization with a platform where you can share your message and mission with as many people as possible. We are an educational website with a goal of providing you with facts so that you and your members can use these tools to finally help restore freedom in America, like never before. We can return the rule of law, justice and the American way to all Americans and even perhaps one day, to the world. Join us! And;

Welcome to The Revolution!


* (The same way Lincoln used the supposed authority of the "emergency doctrine"in the Constitution to usurp the already dissolved and therefore non-existent "United States" that supposedly existed under that Constitution, but was no longer in effect due to the southern Secession.)

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