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AmericaAgain! Declaration

The AmericaAgain! Declaration Despite his faults, God has empowered and inspired Donald Trump to ride the wave that has included the Moral Majority, Christian Coalition, Constitution Party, End… View »

Indictment Engine

AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ If any of us perpetrated the crimes that members of Congress and the state legislatures commit on a regular basis, we would be in prison. AmericaAgain! is d… View »

Let's Ytump D.C.

Let’s Trump D.C. It has taken over 150 years for Washington D.C. organized crime to destroy our rule of law by violating the Constitution with hundreds of agencies, bureaus, departments, program… View »

Bring Congress Home

Bring Congress Home Most federal laws are written by industry law firms, not by legislators. In fact, most federal laws are not even read by the congressmen and senators who vote for them. This has… View »

The AmericaAgain! Mission

The AmericaAgain! Mission Washington DC is the most ruthless, powerful city-state on earth. Our servants are worse than criminal; Washington DC is criminogenic…our lawless federal servants teach… View »

AmerocaAgain! Liberty Casts

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