Removing Lindsey Graham

Replace Senator Graham: A Couple of Reasons

This morning we attended a meet and greet with Lee Bright, South Carolina’s best hope for replacing Lindsey Graham. It was like a breath of fresh air.

Across the state, public sentiment about Graham ranges from tepid to outright disgust. We are simply fed up with him. More about that in a bit.

Several conservative groups across the state have voted to censure Graham over the past year or two. Recently the Newberry County GOP was asked to respond to a document—created by another county GOP group—and to also censure Graham. We were fully prepared to vote in favor of the move, but the document was about 8 pages long, and a Graham campaign assistant was at the meeting. The assistant informed us that the document was inaccurate in some points and simply wrong in others. The individual who had presented the document pointed out that it was only her opinion; nevertheless, the document itself contained no footnotes or references. There was nothing in it that we could point to as proof that Lindsey was guilty of the presumed offenses. Without that proof, the Newberry County GOP would not vote to censure Graham. It doesn’t mean that we approve of Graham—not by any means, but we are not going to open ourselves up to the ridicule of the left by going along with something that may contain errors. It doesn’t matter that the left regularly lies and misrepresents truth. The conservatives cannot, and a Saul Alinsky strategy tells the liberals that they should hold the conservatives rigidly to the conservative principles, ridicule and completely discredit them at the slightest hint of an error. Since the left has no such standards they can engage with impunity in all sorts of corruption.

Regardless of having voted against the motion to censure Graham, we are more than ready for someone else. Our biggest complaint is his complete unresponsiveness. We regularly contact our representatives, telling them how we want them to vote on issues and attempting to call their attention to things that concern us. We always get a response, sometimes even a phone call, from Mulvaney, Duncan and Scott. But in all the years Graham has been in office, not once have we received anything other than a form letter telling us that he is too busy to talk to us. If he is too busy to talk to his constituents, who on earth is he representing? After all, he seems to have plenty of time to post his Clemson football predictions on facebook.

Graham’s campaign staff likes to boast about his conservative voting record. We have heard that spiel twice in GOP meetings. We aren’t sure where they get such glowing numbers for him, but we will concede that Graham gets it right about 85% of the time. Ordinarily that might inspire us to support him. However, when he gets it wrong he REALLY gets it wrong. His votes to approve justices Kagan and Sotomayor will impact the country negatively for 40 years or more. And his rolling around in the dirt with McCain on immigration reform threatens voting integrity as well as the American job market.

Senator Graham has given the appearance of pursuing the truth on Benghazi. In recent days, however, some have suggested that he seems to be throwing in the towel on that issue as well. We hope not, but time will tell.

In the meantime, we are more than ready for a new face and a new conversation in the US Senate. We think Lee Bright will bring exactly that.

Karen Ruff

Secretary, Newberry County GOP

Administrator, South Carolina Constitution Club Web Page

Dean of English, Roger Sherman Institute


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Comment by Myrtle Linder on September 26, 2016 at 11:31am

I hope that Lee Bright is the answer for better rule in SC, I have never been favor of Lindsey Graham, who is not worthy of the job!!

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