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Mission Statement

The Green Bay (Wisconsin) Tea Party ~ Mission Statement

We strongly believe that these United States are suffering from excessive, overbearing, out-of-control government at all levels, intolerable taxation (without real representation), asinine political correctness that stifles the public discourse and crushes personal excellence, and a disastrous decline into the nightmare of socialism that would physically sicken our founding forefathers. We aggressively work to create awareness and promote discussion of the causes of our nation’s problems and the potential solutions. We engage politically to effect the changes that concur with our extraordinary Constitution.

 The Goals of the Green Bay Wisconsin Tea Party are the promotion of:

 1)     Restoration of the republic to the form defined in the Articles of the Constitution. Repeal of any and all laws, regulations, executive orders, resolutions, and ordinances that conflict with the Constitution or are based on powers not enumerated in the Constitution. Removal and elimination of any and all programs, departments, bureaus, and agencies for which there is no constitutional allowance. Barring passage of any legislation that is “repugnant to the Constitution.”

2)     Reassertion of the preeminence of the sovereignty of the States over the federal government as stipulated by the 10th Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Devolving decision making to the lowest possible level of government to accurately reflect the will of “We the People”.

3)     Achieving total transparency and accountability in all levels of government – the people should have the ability to read and comment on all bills before a legislative body votes on the bill. Elimination of all earmarks and bill amendments – if the idea is worthwhile, it should be worthy of its own bill. Requirement by law that all government officials at all levels are to be subject to the same laws that are passed by those legislative bodies.

4)     Demolishing the growing, socialist “nanny state” and its programs and legislation, reinstituting personal responsibility and the traditional values of work, merit, integrity, honesty, innovation, accountability, civic participation and civility.

5)      Correcting the perspective of the Supreme Court to a centrist, originalist interpretation of the Constitution that terminates the power expanding, flip-flopping, judicial activism associated with the view of the Constitution as a “living document” which complies with international and foreign law. Reaffirmation that the first and foremost obligation of the Supreme Court is to protect the people’s and the states’ constitutional rights by restricting the scope and power of the federal government, thus protecting the lives, liberty and property of the American people.

The Green Bay Wisconsin Tea Party members  are answering the call of History that, in the prophetic words of Thomas Paine, “it is the duty of every Patriot to protect his country from its government”……if these goals strike a chord with you, we invite you to join or work with us.

Thank you for helping our non-profit group! 
All proceeds go to events, education, seminars, etc.

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At 9:54pm on June 18, 2014, Online Professor said…
At 9:49pm on June 18, 2014, Online Professor said…

Please go to this website to create your affiliate account. There is no cost or obligation. Just go to the following site and answer the questions. I will be your sponsor and my username is yellowtruck. Select a username and a password and enter your email address. Then provide your name, address, and whatevrother information that is requested.

Call me if you need any help in getting started at (951) 282-3271

At 10:22am on August 28, 2013, Karl P. Koenigs said…


I love you brother.  Please just think about what I am trying to convey to you and all people who believe that at this stage of utter contempt for our Ninth and Tenth Amendment laws, that elections, in our current crisis, will solve ANYTHING.

To keep it pithy:  Our Republic has been turned into a Democracy.  I have reason to believe that you understand and, I have reason to believe, you agree with me on this.  In other words, people are voting on whichever Republican or Democrat they believe will bring them the most amount of "free stuff", which sooner or later comes out of OUR wages and salaries, personal property, our individual Rights and robs us of our FREEDOM.  I'm pretty sure you agree with me on this.  Am I right that you agree with me on this, Murph?

'If' you know that the far greatest majority of people are going to vote for whichever candidate, IN EFFECT, promises to steal the most from our wages and salaries, personal property, and individual Rights to transfer to them personally, especially in light of our $17 Trillion in existing public debt PLUS, according to the National Debt Clock, $125 Trillion in unfunded liabilities, how the hell can we afford another election of ANY candidate since the only possible winner will be the one who promises 'their Party's' chosen crony special interest groups?

Your plan is not logical or sensible in light of the thousands of unlawful Acts and usurpations of our Ninth and Tenth Amendment laws since 1913, which has brought us under the most heinous nightmare ever the concern of our Founding Fathers, a Democracy of mob voting rule.

We The People, must RESTORE the Rule of OUR Ninth and Tenth Amendment laws, I most fervently supplicate to our almighty Lord, without bloodshed.  Therefore, Murph, the ONLY possible way is to employ the plan advocated by the five Wisconsin Assemblymen and one Wisconsin State Senator at our coalition meeting and COMPEL our Wisconsin Representatives to sponsor and pass our State of Wisconsin Joint Sovereignty Resolution with Arrest Provision along with and on its heels its vital companion legislation to ensure PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH in the State of Wisconsin.

Should we be successful in building the communications framework of highly organized Assembly voting district nodes, consisting of 20 - 25+ Constitutionalists, as advised by our WI Assemblymen/Senator at our meeting, I believe that We The People of Wisconsin will be able to use instigate the political pressure necessary IN THEIR VOTING DISTRICTS, as advised, to compel them to sponsor and pass the handful of State legislative measures necessary to LEAD UP TO nullification of ALL unlawful Acts and usurpations of Congress since 1913, thereby dissolving the size, powers, scope and spending necessary to bring our elected Republican and Democrat enemies of our Ninth and Tenth Amendment laws into compliance with Article I Section 8 without a single Federal politically impossible budget cut.  Because the States will do ALL of the budget cutting for them by way of State nullification AND peace through strength. 

Again, Peace Through Strength, must come FIRST by way of Constitution courses provided to our County Sheriff Departments, State and Local Law Enforcement and Wisconsin National Guard members, so that they understand that they have SWORN an OATH to Support and Defend 'OUR' Ninth and Tenth Amendment laws against all enemies, both foreign and elected, and their jackbooted minion of tyranny and oppression in the IRS, DOJ, DHS, ATF, EPA, HHS, FEMA, etc... and their Big Brother NSA.

Additional State legislation shall encourage all County Sheriffs to facilitate and train well regulated "Constitutional Militia" in each corner and center of their County for a minimum of five units each.

I fully believe that when our framework of communications nodes of well briefed and knowledgeable Constitut

At 10:03am on April 09, 2013, John Willock gave James Murphy a gift
At 9:06am on March 28, 2013, Karl P. Koenigs said…

I'm all in with you Murph...  In the cause of the restoration of the rule of our constitutional laws upon our elected and non-elected servants, especially the limits of the eighteen enumerated powers, size, scope and spending granted to Congress under Article I Section 8 pursuant to the 9th and 10th Amendments; so that the size, powers, scope and spending of the U.S. Government is dissolved down to that which is legal under The Constitution.

We can cause this to happen, restore the rule of our laws upon our Federal servants, by our ALTERNATE "State of Wisconsin Joint Sovereignty Resolution with Arrest Provision" along with its companion legislation in support and to procure "Constitutional Sheriffs" as well as State and Local Law Enforcement and Wisconsin National Guard members.  Once these State legislative measures have been executed or well under way the State of Wisconsin can start nullifying all unlawful Acts of Congress, in terms of size, powers, scope and spending in usurpation of the eighteen enumerated powers clauses and the 9th and 10th Amendments.

In this way we the people can dissolve the U.S. Government before they pull a Cyprus and dissolve us.

Capt. Karl

At 7:21pm on March 19, 2013, Robert E Evans said…

Hi ya James! Hello from Rock County.

At 6:52am on March 19, 2013, Mark E. Smith said…

Hello James: Thank you for inviting me into your group. I am the chairman of the Union-Towns County Tea Party (GA). I agree with you that the two party system in America has been compromised and that We The People no longer enjoy the protections of a representative, republican form of government. Way too many Americans today don't even know what that is. Why? Because our culture and our education system has been systematically trashed since the late 50's.

Your idea of, basically, rebuilding "solidarity" within the Tea Party is excellent. It's the same thing I've been trying to accomplish with the surrounding Tea Party/9.12 Projects in my area here in GA. And it's starting to work. Someone from one of the groups nearby made the statement that they were burned out after the election (and I use that term lightly) and that they thought that having bi-monthly or quarterly meetings would be a good idea. I disagree with that wholeheartedly. On the contrary, we need to have more meetings and sponsorships to build momentum and membership... not less.

Regarding our political parties, I'm at a loss as to how to approach that issue. Only an educated and moral people can, and deserve to, govern themselves. We seem to have a plethora of uneducated, mis-educated, immoral and amoral people within our borders today. And everything points to keeping that going: suggestive, negative TV programming, the "mis-education system, the proliferation of entitlements, the continued attacks on our Constitution, the flow of illegal aliens into America, the corruption of our voting system, etc., etc. The only thing I can think of to stem the tide of "un-culture" into America is to fight fire with fire: turn off your TV (Joan and I did that over a year ago, replaced it with Netflix), home school your children, refuse to partake in welfare/start your own business, read the Constitution and learn American history from a credible source (Hillsdale College on-line), continue to press you local, state and federal representatives/get involved/get informed/do your own research/read.

Well, gotta go. Be well and be safe.

At 7:41am on March 15, 2013, James Murphy said…

Here's an alternative we might wish to discuss:

1)      Affiliate with other area Tea Parties – Call them to Action.
2) Link with remaining Wisconsin Tea Parties – Call them to Action.
3) Leap frog state societies to National Organizing Convention in Fall, 2013, and include as many participants as possible, including leaders and members of every active Tea Party and Tea Party Website / Organization in the nation.
4) Choose State and National Leaders at Convention.
5) Obtain consensus on organizing documents at Convention.
6) Build bidirectional Local/National Party Apparatus prior to 2014 campaign season.
7) Local/State/National Tea Parties continue to support candidates, as they do now.
Local/State/National Tea Parties to endorse candidates, as they do now.
9) Local/State/National Tea Parties to select “Tea Party Candidates” as now, when/where possible to do so without “splitting the vote.”
10) National Tea Party to “endorse” a particular Republican Presidential candidate 2016, but not to run a third candidate.

2)     Folks we got a Two Headed Greedy Power Hungry Dog in Washington called the Two Existing Parties Republican and Democrat. Anyone giving any money to either party is a fool.

At 7:41am on March 15, 2013, James Murphy said…

I'm not sure if I posted this here before but here goes:

I've been doing a lot of soul searching and I'm just not comfortable with the Republican Party in its current state of affairs.  I don't feel that we (The TEA Party) are influencing it as much as they are influencing many of the TEA Party Groups.  Not for the better I might add.
I will always support good candidates but lately I'm being attacked for breaking Ronald Reagans so-called Eleventh Commandment.
I was called out on this most recently by Mike Jadin (Our regional Wisconsin State GOP representative)  when he quoted this "Thou Shalt Not speak Ill of another Republican" phrase....
He actually believed that would win the argument for him.   We were talking about State Sen. Rob Cowles and how he prevented the School the Choice Voucher System from being implemented in Green Bay Wisconsin.
Frankly, I don't give a damn if the legislator is Republican or Democrat or anything .... What's right is right and if we are being told to shut up and fall in line because a politician happens to be from a particular party then that needs to be examined and properly addressed.
I know I'm not the only one that feels like this.
I've been talking to groups around the country that are fed up with the GOP and their easy way of doing business as usual. 
I'm reminded what Conservative Talk Show Host Jerry Bader said about Ron Johnson over 2 bad votes ago on his part.  Ron came on Bader and tried to justify it and ended up saying it would never happen again.. of course the very next vote it did happen again.
Mr. Bader's comment was classic.  ‘It's like the battered wife standing in the kitchen and the husband saying he's sorry and honest honey it'll never happen again.”  Ya’ sure….
Then she ends up Dead!  (My inclusion not Mr. Baders).
I'm not waiting around for the GOP to wake up anymore. I'm exploring other means for our TEA Party Group to help rectify these problems.
I hope you have time to look at the attachment.  I value your input very much.
May God Bless America..Again!
James Murphy
Green Bay TEA Party

At 3:50am on March 15, 2013, Danny G Steele said…

Welcome aboard James.  I agree that the Tea Party will better use their resources to promote the Tea Party instead of try to fix the republican Party.  Should be time for a split.

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Posted on January 17, 2015 at 10:04am 1 Comment

Ok, Sorry I have not been active on this site for so long.  Just got overwhelmed and to be truthful I never wrote down the login and password and only now found it by accident.  We are working on a statewide organization county by county here in Wisconsin.  If you or anyone you know lives in Wisconsin and would like to help us coordinate the best of the conservative organizations here in Wisconsin in an effort to work together please contact me at and in the…


I'll be having surgery tomorrow AM for total knee replacement.

Posted on March 19, 2013 at 3:34pm 0 Comments

I'll be having surgery tomorrow AM for total knee replacement.
I will not have access to my computer for at least 3 weeks as I'll be in a rehab facility after surgery for at least 2 weeks.
Thank you and May God Bless America.
Green Bay TEA Party

Here is something that I wish I had seen earlier.  It’s understandable that I missed this article because my bride of 43 years and I are members of the EPC (Evangelical Presbyterian Church) and this …

Posted on February 23, 2013 at 12:02pm 0 Comments

Here is something that I wish I had seen earlier.  It’s understandable that I missed this article because my bride of 43 years and I are members of the EPC (Evangelical Presbyterian Church) and this article is from the National Catholic Register.  Thanks to my wonderful Catholic friends I was able to come to a better understanding of what just happened Nov.…


The TEA Party Groups need to “put distance” between themselves and the Establishment Republican Party for what I would have thought were obvious reasons.

Posted on February 23, 2013 at 11:58am 0 Comments

The TEA Party Groups need to “put distance” between themselves and the Establishment Republican Party for what I would have thought were obvious reasons.

I’ve been speaking to many representatives of Christian Conservative groups throughout the Nation and several of them have One Common Complaint about the TEA Party Movement – lack of strategic thinking and planning. Seeing that you are trying to bring many Wisconsin Groups together for planning is hopeful. Unfortunately, the…




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