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At 6:32pm on October 20, 2014, Rosanna Miller said…

Thanks Joe, 

I sent your jury video to my friend in Ohio as she has been fighting the IRS since around 2004. They have garnished her wages and lien on her house. There is a terrible story of a girl in Fl that was just found guilty but they wouldn't let her produce the evidence for her belief of what she read that the taxes are voluntary. I will see if I can copy and paste it to you. I want my friend Ann to get help. She is my hero she won't back down and says "I wish I never knew what I do that it is all a lie" it is what we all face once we find the key to the door of knowledge they were keeping from us. Luke 11:52.

Any way my Dad has a guardian and I am my parents successor for "The Miller Living Trust" and the atty guardian keeps saying in court I am not the successor but they have never shown me a new one without my name in it. Like as though if they say it doesn't exist that means I'm not the successor. Thing is only Dad or Mom could change that. Mom is dead and Dad is mentally impaired and couldn't handle his affairs before Mom's death. Hence that is why she was his caretaker... Amazing the amount of people who can't understand how courts could take advantage of that, especially when we keep finding lawyers who are "officers of the court" not our lawyers....

I talked to the IRS today and at least got some understanding people and it appears the 1041 is only filed by fiduciaries for estates meaning DEAD people not wards which are living. 

The 56 is a form they can use but the basis of it is title 26 sec 6035 and 6903 letting the IRS know who the guardian is of the ward. so I think I have that part ironed out. And it is looking like the guardian did not file the 56 or notice but I am still checking on that. This is where I think I might get some damage control along with the following. 

Does the guardian have to be issued a 1099 for his yearly income paid from the estate? ($35,000 is a mockery) That is what I am working on. It would seem to me, I as the successor, (which they don't want to recognize) would have to issue that 1099. However I believe the guardian went to the bank and "erased/cancelled/removed the TRUST.... I am told a guardian doesn't have that power and I don't think so either. Nor has there been a court order to do so. that trust is my parents contract between them and what they wanted me to handle. someone told me if they did remove it then the banks are in hot water and file a lawsuit on them with the guardian and maybe judges. That is BIG... that is bank corruption. We need to see more wins.

So the 1099's and the trust is what I am looking for info on now. Thanks again for any info. call if is would be easier. Rosanna 740-969-2468

At 8:45pm on October 11, 2014, Kirk Beck said…

I would like to welcome you to the Constitution Club.  I am Keith’s associate in this effort to strengthen communities against ever-encroaching government.  Keith has some wonderful ideas and my association with him over the past 5 years has been of great benefit to me.  He is unwavering in his dedication to the original American Dream of liberty .

We've heard from those who said it's pointless to register personal dissent. "Congress doesn’t pay attention," we're told. But appeals to conscience can, over time, make a difference.

Hard as it is to believe, people do make decisions that are opposite their profitable interests. Their conscience insists they must. I want to introduce you to a man who has an awakened conscience. He placed his conscience above personal benefit.

Ladar Levison created an encrypted email service called Lavabit. Levison invested ten years of his life. He accumulated 350,000 customers. Whistleblower, Edward Snowden, was one of those customers. Naturally, the Federal State wanted to dragnet all Lavabit communications.

Ladar Levison is an example of acting on an awakened conscience. How else would you explain his actions, which were so obviously opposite his profitable interests?

But Levison's statement, that he didn't want to "become complicit in crimes against the American people," along with his bold action, provoked this thought

We need a mass of people, be they your neighbors or your so-called representatives, who will, like Ladar Levison, declare, "I don’t want to become complicit in crimes against the American people." If enough people decide to obey their sensitized conscience, the statist system will falter, if not implode.

Bureaucrats, inspectors, cops, and soldiers have guns. All of them, whether they realize it or not, have the power to damage and even ruin lives. When that happens, some maintain they're just following orders.

Instead, I want them to have a crisis of conscience. I want them to learn Ladar Levison's lesson and declare, "I don’t want to become complicit in crimes against the American people." Let me explain ...

Right now, there’s a vast and growing body of evidence that the police are not here to protect and serve. They’re being given unlawful or immoral orders. Yet they’re NOT responding with Ladar Levison's words.

  • Arrests for victimless "crimes" consume most of the department's time and budget
  • There have been reports of homeowner, gun confiscation, from law-abiding persons, in New York and California
  • Police in many states have confiscated, erased, and broken cameras of people recording their public actions. Recently, one man had his dog shot for video-recording the police in a public place

Would it not be better if the police had an awakening of conscience? Imagine them organizing (many of them have a union, after all) and demanding of their bosses, "We will neither commit nor be complicit in these and other crimes against the American people?" Well ...

That’s why we need to teach EVERYONE, including people on The State’s payroll, to follow Ladar Levison’s example. We want them to have a sensitized conscience — even profound empathy. We want them to protect that conscience by refusing to obey immoral and unlawful orders, even if it costs them something.

Speak to the moral conscience, both of your neighbors and of those who claim they are your representatives. It will make a difference.  (Levison video follows))


Stay vigilant.  Stay wise.  Stay free.


Kirk Beck

Jurupa Valley, California


 "In H


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