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January 2018 Blog Posts (3)

What Should I Put in My 3 Day Mission Ready Bag?

What Should I Put in My 3 Day Mission Ready Bag?

By uscda On January 30, 2018 ·

Posted by General Michael (Mick) Webster

Mission ready Bug out gear) are the most basic and best thing to start your emergency supply with for missions or bug out gear. It’s a basic item that’s a great starting point to prepare your family for any disaster that would cause you to evacuate your home. Everyone needs a 72-Hour Kit containing necessary supplies to immediately sustain…


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I believe our Constitution to be the supreme law and foundation of our Republic. I do no have faith nor trust in any political party, as they are as Washington descibed, "A fire left untended will consume."   Our Republic's law must forever be without emotion. From our beginning to the present we have yet to tell our Nation's citizens the whole, unblemished truth of our history, and until such time as we do, there is little if any hope of saving what our noble founders began.

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How To Start a USCDA Chapter

How to start your own local county USCDA chapter


Added by Michael (Mick) Webster on January 20, 2018 at 8:33pm — No Comments

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