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November 2017 Blog Posts (9)

A Reason for my Activism

America was founded as a republic with strict limitations of police power and an emphasis on liberty of the individual. The God-given natural Rights of the people were recognized in law and the Bill of Rights was insisted upon in the first Convention, passed by the first Congress, and ratified by the States by 1791. All sworn officers of the United States and the states are duty bound to respect and enforce those limitations on government power, no matter how inconvenient…


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History that has been Occulted from Mankind

Click Here…


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Wars for Natural Resources are Brewing

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The Real Cause of the American Revolution

The Currency Act of 1764 was the primary cause of the American Revolution. Before King George and the British Parlimaent passed the Currency Act the colonies were prospering, but when they were forced to pay for all goods imported from England with gold and silver they were forced to borrow from the London bankers…


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How Big Oil Conquered the World

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Duh Filthy Fifth creates an EXCUSE to 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th n 10th Amends

A federal appeals court ruled in favor of an officer in Colleyville, Texas, who used “excessive force” against an 18-year-old woman after police shot and killed her father. The court asserted the officer could not have known force was “clearly unreasonable” in this situation, given the “lack of guiding precedent,” and granted him immunity for his actions.

Even though Erin Lincoln “sufficiently alleged violations of her right to be free from unreasonable seizure and…


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Just Say This Doctrine

Cops; "Just Say This Doctrine", or Repeat a Lie Doctrine, esp used thru Jury Trials, watch how POST Certified Liars are taught to look to the prosecutor & then to Your Jury & look them in the Eye & LIE as the dirty robe sits their on his filthy immune ass. On appeal THEY falsify the Records to meet their need to keep the Just This System Full-Keep Jails Full by Repeat a Lie in…

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"It Begins" Is it all going down within the next few weeks?

Deputy gives warning about planned ANTIFA Nov 4th Event.

Most of us have heard that the Psychotic Extremist group known as Antifa is planing nationwide protests beginning this Saturday Nov. 4.

Extremist website:…


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