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Natural and Unnatural Laws

All laws are either natural or unnatural. The laws of nature can not be violated without desasterous consequences. The natural laws are just and unnatural laws written by men are unjust. Natural laws protect the lives. liberty and property of  th…


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About Michael Webster


Michael Webster is publisher of the Laguna Journal, Small Business Journal, Indian Gaming Journal & El Paso Journal, on line newspapers and a Syndicated Investigative Reporter Michael Webster Syndicated Investigative Reports are read worldwide, in 100 or more U.S. outlets and in at least 136 countries and territories. He publishes articles in association with global news agencies and media information services with more than 350 news affiliates in…


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General Michael (Mick) Webster

Website: El Paso Journal



“Yes, we are old and slow these days but rest assured, we have at least one good fight left in us. We have loved this country, fought for it, and died for it, and now we are going to save it. It is our country and nobody is going to take it away from us. We took oaths to defend America…


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Good Men Must Assemble!

"When  Evil Men Conspire, 

Good Men Must Assemble,  Or They'll Fall One By One In A Pitiless Struggle."…


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Beware of the CFR, The Trilateral Commission & The Bilderberg Group

Fascism & Communism are both Totalitarian systems

Exposing The International Banker’s NWO Bilderberg Agenda!

To understand their agenda - Google:…


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What Should I Put in My 3 Day Mission Ready Bag?

What Should I Put in My 3 Day Mission Ready Bag?

By uscda On January 30, 2018 ·

Posted by General Michael (Mick) Webster

Mission ready Bug out gear) are the most basic and best thing to start your emergency supply with for missions or bug out gear. It’s a basic item that’s a great starting point to prepare your family for any disaster that would cause you to evacuate your home. Everyone needs a 72-Hour Kit containing necessary supplies to immediately sustain…


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I believe our Constitution to be the supreme law and foundation of our Republic. I do no have faith nor trust in any political party, as they are as Washington descibed, "A fire left untended will consume."   Our Republic's law must forever be without emotion. From our beginning to the present we have yet to tell our Nation's citizens the whole, unblemished truth of our history, and until such time as we do, there is little if any hope of saving what our noble founders began.

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How To Start a USCDA Chapter

How to start your own local county USCDA chapter


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The Masters of Globalism

The enemy we're facing goes far beyond progressive or communism and the roots of that enemy are planted in greed and lust for power. The people at the pinnacle of corrupt power are capable of things the average person cannot comprehend, because most people are decent people wishing only to live out their life in peace. In more than four decades of watching and learning about them I have learned of and seen wars, "accidents", assassinations, police actions, and low intensity conflicts…


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Fighting from Reality, not Illusion

My perspective comes from Natural Law now, not the Constitution. The contract between the States and the government they created has been abrogated by both sides, negating the contract in its entirety. 

Arguing constitutional law in the corporation's courts have absolutely no effect, other than what they allow, in their system; a system designed to protect THEM, not the People. 

Until people recognize the reality in…


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What is Zionism?


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Cliven Bundy a Terrorist or a Patriot

Click on the book to read all about it

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A Reason for my Activism

America was founded as a republic with strict limitations of police power and an emphasis on liberty of the individual. The God-given natural Rights of the people were recognized in law and the Bill of Rights was insisted upon in the first Convention, passed by the first Congress, and ratified by the States by 1791. All sworn officers of the United States and the states are duty bound to respect and enforce those limitations on government power, no matter how inconvenient…


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History that has been Occulted from Mankind

Click Here…


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Covert Operations of the CIA

Click on the image of Truman to learn more about the CIA…


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Who Owns the Public Lands?

The continental United States is composed of 2.5 billion acres. Roughly two thirds of the land is owned by individuals and the remainder is owned by the public. In other words there is nearly 900 million acres of land that is collectively owned by "We the People".

Currently all of this public land is being managed by the Department of the Interior, the Bureau of Land Management, the Department of Fish and Game and the United…


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Wars for Natural Resources are Brewing

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The Road to Ruin

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