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Featured Blog Posts (29)

The Originally Proposed First Amendment

On March 25, 1789 Congress voted on 12 proposed amendments to the Constitution. The first of the twelve amendments established that states would be entitled to one representative in Congress for every 30,000 people. This proposed amendment was approved by the requisite number of states, but Connecticut failed to submit their ratification vote to the Secretary of State. As a result, eleven states have already voted on the originally proposed First Amendment. If the…


Added by Keith Broaders on April 8, 2017 at 4:30pm — No Comments

Why Does Power Corrupt?


Added by Keith Broaders on April 11, 2017 at 5:00am — No Comments

The Theft of American Republic

According to the Constitution it can only be  amended if two thirds of the members of the House and Senate vote on a proposal to amend the Constitution and three fourths of the states ratify the propose amendment.

When  the Constitution was ratified, the legislative branch was established with a Senate to represent the states and a House to represent the people. Article 1 Section 2 Clause 3 mandated that each state was…


Added by Keith Broaders on April 7, 2017 at 9:00pm — No Comments

What Ever Happened to Your Unalienble Rights?

Before the adoption of the 14th amendment we were all citizens of the state of our birth and had rights that were granted to us by our Creator. After the ratification of the 14th amendments the once sovereign citizens of their state became subject to the jurisdiction of the government located in the District of Columbia.

Only those individuals born or living in Washington D.C. or in the territories were subject to the…


Added by Keith Broaders on April 5, 2017 at 12:30pm — 1 Comment

What is America Again!??

What IS America Again!?

Good question, because many of you cannot answer this question. When you talk to anyone and they start to whine and cry about what's wrong with this country, do you join in with them? Or do you tell them about a real full spectrum solution to the problem of our big overreaching government?

What is America Again! to…


Added by Erin Lea on March 23, 2017 at 9:18am — No Comments

Is this Ron's 'Resistance' group....?

If we are paying attention, this is the Deep State's attempt to attach themselves to Trump's coattails.....

ACLU is leading a million-dollar resistance effort against Trump’s…


Added by Johnny B Mikel on March 13, 2017 at 4:30pm — No Comments

Reclaiming the People's House


The government of the united States was created to protect the lives, liberty and property of the people. The Constitution was…


Added by Keith Broaders on March 13, 2017 at 7:30am — No Comments

Preserving Liberty - The Militia is the Key

The Constitution was written by representatives of the states to limit the power and scope of the government's actions. The primary purpose of the government is to protect the God given rights of the people.…


Added by Keith Broaders on March 11, 2017 at 8:00pm — No Comments

The Resoration of the People's House

The mission to ratify the 28th amendment does not favor the democratic or republican parities , it favors all of the…


Added by Keith Broaders on March 8, 2017 at 7:00am — No Comments

Kansas AA! Conference Call Tuesday 8PM Central Standard Time

Hello everyone and welcome!

We would like to welcome all of you to the Kansas AA! conference calls on Tuesday nights at 8pm CST. until...folks get tired of talking . 

Join JohnnyB and me tonight and learn how to start your own State group! Thanks, Erin

 The call in line is 712-432-0185 access code 229 940 131 and press #.

Added by Erin Lea on March 7, 2017 at 1:00pm — No Comments

Let's Trump DC

Added by Keith Broaders on March 5, 2017 at 11:00am — No Comments

Restoring the People's House

Watch all three videos in this series.…


Added by Keith Broaders on March 5, 2017 at 9:00am — No Comments

Political Prisoners in American Gulags

Watch All 14 of the Videos in this Series

Added by Keith Broaders on February 28, 2017 at 8:00am — No Comments

What a friend found about American public education, from the folks responsible...

Compulsory Schooling Exposed

Caring, unbiased educational researchers refer to our present school system as, ‘compulsory-competitive-institutionalized-indoctrination’. Their research has proven ‘compulsory schooling’ is almost totally destroying our natural creative imaginations by the time we are 10 years old. The following are some quotes we hope inspire you to look further into the malignant nature of ‘compulsory…


Added by Johnny B Mikel on February 27, 2017 at 7:00pm — 3 Comments


This is one of the best articles actually lists the many organizations out there mostly funded by Soros and his minions to push the NWO agenda onto unsuspecting Americans.  Although the list is very extensive, they left out "The Center For Biological Diversity" which is connected to the Sierra Club and is responsible for most of the land…


Added by Patricia Badish on February 24, 2017 at 3:00am — 4 Comments

Kansas AA! conference call 2/21

We had a wonderful call last night! Thank you to everyone who called in and participated. Everyone had some great information to contribute.

We also had a guest on with us, Jennifer Copeland with 111%(3%'ers) Patriots of Kansas, that we hope will be a regular caller with us every Tuesday night. And please check out their face book page. They vet out all of the people that join as to keep out any subversives.

We talked about America Again! and our Kansas AA! group and the…


Added by Erin Lea on February 22, 2017 at 7:11am — No Comments

Encouraging a little time and attention...

This discussion needs to go out across America folks. AmericaAgain! has got to be brought into place to have any hopes of correcting the centuries old corruptions!! ;…


Added by Johnny B Mikel on February 18, 2017 at 11:30am — No Comments

Envisioning The Indictment Engine

The AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine will be a mobile app that will be backed by the next generation of machine intelligence technologies. It will be a long-term project that will be refined over many iterations. The general theme is that individual contributions of information will be evaluated, scored and ranked according to algorithms which will profile each public servant and identify issues which may eventually lead to indictment under state laws. A machine learning algorithm is taught…


Added by Eric Rangell on February 2, 2017 at 4:33pm — 24 Comments

Please Send Letters to Kirk Cameron asks David Zuniga


See below; that’s the letter that AmericaAgain! co-founder and Sound Engineer Eric Rangell is sending to Kirk Cameron.

Will each of you sometime in the next week or ten days, please send Kirk something along the same lines? You need not include as much detail; Eric covered our bases.

He’s very busy; in the middle of a coast-to-coast tour and…


Added by Erin Lea on February 7, 2017 at 9:11am — 1 Comment

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