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Forced labor

Above is a DOD document dated 2009 under OBAMA adminstration of forced labor and concentration camps read the document

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Communications Officer

This post is not attempting to distract or take way from anyone's membership in any other organization.with that said here what I need at this time

I need a Good Communications officer immediately Former Military preferred but not required. Qualifications are  number one in my book be…


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Hello Patriots From Colonel Hunt -Let me introduce myself and introduct the Militia and what is and isnt

California State Miltia 31st FF HQ

My name is Colonel Hunt I command all Militia forces in California as the State Commander by reason of a battlefield appointment made by Major General William Flatt one of five sitting Militia Generals by act of the 4th Continental Congress .

You ask why do we need a Militia in any state ? or perhaps your asking yourself what is the Militia…


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