Good Men Must Assemble!

"When  Evil Men Conspire, 

Good Men Must Assemble,  Or They'll Fall One By One In A Pitiless Struggle."…


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"It Begins" Is it all going down within the next few weeks?

Deputy gives warning about planned ANTIFA Nov 4th Event.

Most of us have heard that the Psychotic Extremist group known as Antifa is planing nationwide protests beginning this Saturday Nov. 4.

Extremist website:…


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Do Americans believe they only have 2 choices, Communism, or Fascism?

I thought I'd give everyone a heads-up, just in case you haven't heard of this up coming event.

Do Americans believe they only have 2 choices? 

#1. Be Far Left, an Anarchist/Anti-fascist = Communism!

#2. Be Far Right, a Racist/Neo-Nazi = Fascism!  

TPTB want us to believe these are our only 2 choices.

Anarchist site:…


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Is Stephen Paddock really dead? You decide...

Here are 3 pictures of Stephen Paddock the alleged Las Vegas shooter.

We don't now how old these pictures are, but in the first 2 he appears to be sitting at the same spot of the same gambling table in the video below, which is claimed to be at Hurrah's Casino in Atlantic City NJ.

He even has the same shirt on in the video as he does in these pictures.

Also notice the hand at the…


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