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Natural born citizenship not inherited from parents.

Publius Huldah is wrong. Natural born citizenship is inherited from the soil, not parents. Children of foreign diplomats inherit their citizenship, but not children of U.S. citizens, See

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The Constitution is not a contract

It is sometimes mistakenly said that the Constitution is a contract, and part of it is: Article VII, which provides that it would be ratified if ratified by nine of the thirteen states. The rest of the Constitution is a law, not a contract. Article VII self-dissolved when New Hampshire ratified it.

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Convention of States

I have reviewed the Convention of States approach to getting constitutional amendments and find it to be deeply flawed.

There are fewer than 200 persons alive today who are remotely capable of drafting well-written constitutional amendments, and it is unlikely that any of them would be elected or appointed to the convention you seem to envision. Good intentions are not enough. It is a highly advanced art that is…


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List of constitutional rights

To prepare for our Dec. 17 meetup celebrating Bill of Rights Day, I am resending this message first sent in July.

List of constitutional rights…


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