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Sherlock Holmes and the Unlikely Blue Carbuncle


Politician likewise invent their own truth.

One of the primary complaints of the new Common Core standards for Language arts is that if radically reduces student “facility with language” (in the words of Sandra Stotsky). That is, it systematically removes the study of all kinds of literature, replacing it with “informational text.” A look at the…


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Atheists Attack Christian Charity--and show their stupidity as well

Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes ready for shipping. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The godless attacks on any Christian activity continue--and, of course, the schools make a nice target. The Global Dispatch reported today that East…


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Insurance, the Contstitution and a Lot of Wrong Ideas

So, the dictator in chief has decided that he will just pass his own law and have people keep the insurance plans they are losing while he figures out how to get his master piece actually working.

Let's just forget for a second that the executive branch has absolutely no power to make laws, or to unmake them, the plethora of executive orders…


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South Carolina Solution to Obamacare

The solution to Obamacare is in our hands--already in action. We just have to make it fully ours, and our State legislature is currently--and perhaps unwittingly--creating legislation to do exactly that.

On November 2nd we attended a meeting in Columbia with Jesse Graston, Chair of the SC John Birch Society; former SC Senator Mike Rose; John…


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Educate America

You can read more of my personal blog here.

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Classical Education creates Thinkers and Leaders, not serfs

The real problem with American Schools is education, or so said the Underground Grammarian, Richard Mitchell. In the Journalism section at Sherman Institute, you can read an article that explores the central problem of our schools and offers and alternative. http://shermaninstitute.info/?p=218&preview=true

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